(78-100) A new defensive disaster destroys UEMC Real Valladolid

The success from the perimeter dictated sentence for a UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto that fell at home against Leyma Coruña (78-100). The Herculeans signed a colossal 12/18 in triples and they riddled the blanquivioleta, who were in tow throughout the game and were helpless. The poor success of the Valladolid, added to the solidity of the rival, ended up sinking the local team, who had no options from the second period.

Trying to take advantage of their superiority in centimeters, Coruña opted for a big quintet, with three pivots, and they became strong in the starting paint. A partial of 6-12 opened the match, although UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto overcame by defending and punishing the counterattack (13-12). The tables were equalized, both teams entered into an exchange of blows (17-19) that the Coruñeses broke in the final stretch of the period (19-28).

The open quarter of the Galicians was extended even more at the beginning of the second period thanks to the excessive success of the visitors in triples (19-35) and the local scoring drought. Roberto González’s men went two and a half minutes without scoring, while Sergio García’s pupils, who posted an unusual 9/10 at halftime, riddled UEMC Pucela Basket in every attempt to reduce the deficit. Despite scoring and answering the shots, the oranges’ aim made the difference in a quarter that ended 39-53.

Coruña did not give option

Real Valladolid Basketball, willful and erratic, was not accurate despite finding good shooting situations, quite the opposite of a Leyma Coruña with cruising speed thanks to the triples. The 2/11 and 9/10 from long distance explained by itself the 14 points that separated both teams. Beyond the goals from long distance, the team from A Coruña also imposed its law under the boards (13-20 in rebounds), although the good news for the blanquivioleta was that the disadvantage was salvageable.

The comeback options, however, went through pressing back and not allowing 53 points against. Also hoping to weather the Herculean storm, Roberto González’s men returned to the Pisuerga parquet with renewed spirits, but the Coruñeses marked their territory with two new triples to start the second half and raise their private account to 11 in 12 attempts. (47-63).

The triples fell in Pisuerga like a blow, but Valladolid Basketball did not break down and got up from the canvas. The pucelanos did not lose face in the game and took oxygen with the points from Wintering and De la Fuente to maintain the orange wake (55-67), although Puidet’s personal fourth was a new handicap for the locals. Not even the zone defense proposed by the Valladolid team stopped a Leyma Coruña team that was also playing with time in its favour. The anxiety of being down on the scoreboard took its toll on a team, the Castilian, who sank in the final possessions of the third period (55-80).

Down 25 points with just ten minutes remaining, the comeback looked like a feat of epic proportions that never came close.. Sergio García’s men gave no options and maintained the toughness, solidity and success that they displayed throughout the game, which ended with a severe defeat for Real Valladolid Baloncesto.

Data sheet

(78) UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball: Melwin Pantzar (2), Davis Geks (14), Sylvester Berg Pedersen (8), Sergio de la Fuente (12), Justin Tafari Raffington (8) -initial quintet-. Also playing: Alec Wintering (15), Fernando Revilla Val (-), Juan García-Abril (2), Jaan Puidet (2), Jordy Kuiper (9) and Kavion Pippen (6).

(100) Leyma Coruna: Mo Soluade (7), Monaghan (5), Javi Vega (16), Ashley Hamilton (19), Nick Ward (14) -initial quintet-. They also played: Lofberg (10), Gray (7), Schaftenaar (6), Jorge García (-), Sanz (9), Diagne (0) and Álex Hernández (7).

partial: 19-28, 20-25 (39-53), 16-27 (55-80) and 23-20 (78-100 final).

referees: Quintas Álvarez, Baena Criado and Alejo Sánchez. Without eliminated.

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(78-100) A new defensive disaster destroys UEMC Real Valladolid