53-75: Avenida feasts against Sopron

the perfumeries Avenue has surprised this Thursday in Hungary by winning the sopron (53-75), current European women’s basketball champion, also having a feast, both in terms of play and results.

From the beginning, at the moment in which the initial jump took place, the team from Salamanca started up their machinery, which their coach has masterfully coordinated Roberto Iniguezwith a strong defense and fast and accurate attacks.

This time the game that the coach of the azulón team wanted came out, and he did it wonderfully, with great shooting percentages -48.9 percent from two-pointers and 68.7 percent from free throws- and with 44 rebounds compared to 39 for the Hungarians.

fasoulawith 13 points, and especially the recently landed in the Salamanca team, the Canadian Bridget carletonwith 17 points, shone in Perfumerías Avenida as a whole, while Magbegor, for the current European champion, had 14 points and 8 rebounds, but his contribution did not prevent the Hungarian shipwreck.

Although the start of the game was not very brilliant, the team from Salamanca gave an image of a winning team, with a promising five in the second quarter that widened the difference on the scoreboard to 22 points.

Thus, in the second ten minutes of the game, the entire azulón team showed a different attitude, intense, but above all successful in field goals.

However, after the break the Perfumerías Avenue began with a terrible image, which led the Hungarians to an 11-0 that made them fear the worst, but Roberto’s timeout íniguez returned peace of mind to his team with a fasoula that grew bigger with each play he played.

In the last quarter, the women from Salamanca did not let themselves be surprised and did not give up, with three-pointers from carleton that extended the distances on the scoreboard, and that allowed the current European champion to break without regard, the sopron Hungarian, with a much more surprising result, with a difference of 22 points.

Data sheet

Sopron Basket, 53 – Avenue, 75

53 – Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky, Czukor (1), Kunek, Magbegor (14) and Brooks (16) -starting five- Borondy (6), Turner (10), Varga (2), Kunek and Stankovic (4).

75 – Perfumerías Avenida: Cazorla (6), Vilaró (2), Crvendakic (9), McCall and Reisingerova (9) -starting five-, Silvia Domínguez (7), Fasoula (13), Gulbe (2), Leo Rodríguez ( 8), Carleton (17) and Nogic (2).

Referees: Kardaris (Greece), Vavrova (Czech Republic) and Vujicic (Montenegro).

Pavilion: Match played at the Novomatic Arena in Sopron (Hungary).

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53-75: Avenida feasts against Sopron