5 big games the Lakers will have without Anthony Davis through January 2022

Los angeles lakers They have a 2021-22 season of the NBA hard. Now, the challenge is more difficult for the next month of the campaign because they will not have Anthony Davis due to knee injury.

Here are the 5 most difficult games they will have to take on without their stellar interior.

one. Chicago Bulls (December 19)

The Bulls They are one of the teams that has played the best basketball this season and this is demonstrated by their status as candidates in the East. They’ve already defeated the Lakers this season, beating them 121-103 with DeMar DeRozan scoring 38 points.

two. Phoenix Suns (December 21)

It will be a reissue of the 2021 playoff series in which the Suns They emerged victorious, curiously taking advantage of Anthony Davis’ physical problems at the time. They come from facing each other at the beginning of the current campaign with a victory for Phoenix by 115-105.

3. Brooklyn Nets (December 25)

The Nets and the Lakers started as the top favorites for the title, but today only Brooklyn seems to maintain that status, with the best record in the East. It will be his first duel of the regular season 2021-22 and right under the framework of the long-awaited Christmas games.

Four. Denver Nuggets (January 15)

One of the teams that has presented the greatest opposition to the dominance of the Lakers in the West in recent seasons are the Nuggets, led by current MVP Nikola Jokic. Neither have faces seen during 2021-22 and it is one of the most striking meetings of the month.

5. Utah Jazz (January 17)

The Jazz it remains one of the most dominant teams in the Western Conference, occupying third place with a 20-9 record. They will have three games during the campaign against the Lakers and this will be their first, scheduled to take place at the Crypto.com Arena.

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5 big games the Lakers will have without Anthony Davis through January 2022