4 fights between teammates in recent years in the NBA

The last friday Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard were the protagonists of a discussion that even ended in physical contact, before what their colleagues Los angeles lakers they were forced to separate them.

While this is not very common, here are the 4 most recent fights between members of the same team in the NBA.

1. Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard

Precisely the discussion that gave a controversial nuance to the loss of the Lakers against the Suns, which occurred after an exchange of words between Davis and Howard. They had to be separated by their teammates and according to Davis revealed, everything was discussed in the dressing room during the intermission.

2. Archie Goodwin and Markieff Morris

Markieff Morris is a player known for his explosive character and was put to the test by his then teammate Archie Goodwin, as part of the Suns. Another discussion that had to be interrupted by his colleagues, as it escalated to exchanging shoves.

3. Kevin Durant and Draymond Green

One of the most famous fights between partners in recent years was the one they starred in Draymond Green and Kevin Durant in the Warriors, a brawl that triggered Kevin Durant’s departure from the teamor. During an interview in 2021 they revealed that everything was solved between them after the problems inside the team’s dressing room.

Four. LeBron James and Mario Chalmers

It is well known that LeBron James was not very tolerant of his teammate Mario Chalmers and after an argument on the bench, both ended up yelling at each other quite aggressively. The “King” would later apologize to his partner in the Heat.

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4 fights between teammates in recent years in the NBA