Yunior Tur: “Everything I have achieved has been in vain”

By SwingCompleto /

The exclusion of the talented reliever from Santiago Yunior Tur and the no less virtuous starter from Camagüey Yosimar Cousín of the preselection of 27 players for the I Pan American Youth Games, has reignited the controversy about the marginalization of these athletes from all kinds of international events.

The Closer of the Wasps agreed to an exchange with the enthusiastic Joan Carlos González, leader of the Facebook site “For the Gum”, in which he commented on this new injustice about him based on his potential as a pitcher plus his performance in the most recent season in which he was the most outstanding of all short relievers.

Of his absence in this group that will train at the Latin American stadium for the Cali competition, Tur said he felt very bad at not seeing himself there, and also thinks that everything he has done so far within the Cuban ball is as if it were in vain .

However, he emphasized that he has kept preparing in his homeland for when the next National Series starts, trying to do his best for his fans.

Yunior clarified that so far no official or member of the Santiago national team has approached him to give him explanations about these determinations in which there is obviously a more political than sports component, for fear that he will take the same path that twelve players recently undertook under 23 years in the World Cup category.

Those who have written and publicly supported him have been the fans in which not only the supporters of his provincial team appear.

“I am very clear about all the support that my fans have shown. They have supported me a lot, they have written to me a lot every time they have found out that they have not put me in a preselection. They give me a lot of support and I thank them from the bottom of my heart ”, the young monticulista continued saying to Joan Carlos.

He also dedicated a particular message to those who do not believe in him, especially those who think that he will stay outside the Island when he attends an international contest. “To those who don’t believe in me, I wish you a lot of success in life and take good care of yourself. Many blessings, ”said Yunior, who also recognized how important his family has been at all times, whether in good times or in circumstances as uncomfortable as the current one.

Only fate will tell if Tur will keep his word to participate in the upcoming National Series and does not decide to withdraw to legally seek a better future in professional baseball, or do so illegally by sea. And it is the same with the issue of whether they really had or have immigration claims.

Certainly many doubt that the Cuban authorities will reconsider their attitude towards these two pitchers with enormous future prospects after being included from how many preselection or team has been formed in 2021, including small-time events such as these Youth Pan American Games, and with a pitching corps. weaker still after the defection of most of Cuba’s best under-23 prospects.