Youth Cream: Latino Pitchers

A week ago, we took a look at the top prospective hitters. Now, it’s the pitchers’ turn.

While the group of gunboats is full of international talent, the history of the gunslingers is different, with most of them arriving via the draft.

Here’s a look at the Latinos who rank in the top 30:

Red Sox: Wilkelman González, RHP (age 19) (No. 14)

Signed for $ 250,000 in 2018, the Venezuelan has added about 10 mph to his fastball in the past two seasons. Plus, the Maracay native has a couple of secondary pitches that he could solidify in the future. While consistency with his pitches is a work in progress, Gonzalez has shown his ability to throw strikes, posting a 2.91 ERA with 66 strikeouts and 16 walks in 52.2 innings.

Guardians: Daniel Espino, RHP (age 20) (No. 5)

The Panamanian was selected in the 2019 Amateur Draft and is capable of hitting 100 mph with his fastball, as well as some solid breaking pitches, including a slider at the bottom of 80 mph and a corner at the top of 70. mph. Espino’s repertoire helped him generate 152 strikeouts in 91.2 innings in his first full season (2021), although he often struggles with control at times.

Angels: Alejandro Hidalgo, RHP (age 18) (No. 18)

The Venezuelan signed for just $ 30,000 at the start of the 2019-2020 international signing period with the Angels. The lanky monticular made his professional debut in the United States in 2021 and demonstrated his advanced repertoire of three pitches and ability to generate blank swings (10.3K / 9) in 27 innings.

Mariners: Juan Pinto, LZ (17 years old) (No. 30)

The Mariners were busy in the 2020-2021 international signing period, but it was the Venezuelan who received the highest bonus for any pitcher in the organization, valued at $ 700,000. He is a left-handed man with a lot of projection, with the ability to add easy muscle. He is about to make his professional debut.

Marlins: Eury Pérez, RHP (age 18) (No. 6)

The Dominican signed for $ 200,000 in July 2019 and has taken off ever since. The teen has grown four inches and gained 45 pounds since signing. He posted a 1.96 ERA in 78 innings in his professional debut. The Santiago native fanned 108 opponents across two levels last year, hitting 97 mph on his fastball.

Nationals: Andry Lara, RHP (18 years old) (No. 4)

Washington agreed with Lara for US $ 1.25 million in July 2019, and in two years, the mountaineer soon to turn 19 in January, has adapted to the organization. Lara runs down the fastball in mid-90 mph and has an above-average curve. He posted a 4.66 ERA and struck out 52 opponents in 48.1 stretches last season.

Parents: Víctor Lizárraga, RHP (18 years old) (No. 18)

San Diego solidified its confidence in the Mexican by sending him to the Arizona Complex League in November, before he was 18 years old. The right-hander made 11 starts and posted a 5.10 ERA with 35 strikeouts in 30 stretches. Lizárraga places his fastball at the bottom of 90 mph, but his ability to add muscle could allow him to increase his speed.

Rockies: Helcris Olivarez, LZ (age 21) (No. 14)

After signing for $ 77,000 in 2016, the Dominican stood out as the youngest player in the Rockies’ alternate venue in 2020. He struck out 10.1 every nine innings in his Class-A Alta debut in 2021. He has a solid straight-curve-change combination, although he had some control issues, dishing out 6.1 walks per nine innings.


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Youth Cream: Latino Pitchers