Young baseball player Luis Enrique González asks for removal from the Cuban Baseball Federation

The young man from Cienfuegos Luis Enrique Gonzalez, one of the promises of the ball on the island, requested the withdrawal of the Cuban Baseball Federation after being eliminated from the team that traveled to Mexico for the U-23 World Cup.

Commissioner Juan Reinaldo Pérez confirmed that the Cienfuegos player himself made the request, as posted on Twitter by sports commentator Reynier Batista, from Radio Rebelde.

Initially, González had been included in the Cuba team that attended the U23 World Championship, where he would be the leadoff and defend one of the outfields.

However, the day before traveling to Mexico, INDER informed him that the rapid test and routine PCR had tested positive for COVID-19, so he could not travel and would be replaced by the gardener from Pinar del Río Reinaldo Lazaga, reported the specialized portal Cuban Ball USA.

The next day, the young prospect returned to his municipality in the province of Cienfuegos and was surprised when another rapid test performed there yielded a negative result, the publication reports.

Outraged by what he would have considered a deception by the team’s management, the young man also underwent a PCR, which also tested negative.

“Upon realizing that his case was fabricated and unfairly dismissed from the team largely due to his friendship with César Prieto. Luis Enrique decided to request the removal of both the Cienfuegos team and the Cuban Baseball Federation,” said the aforementioned sports portal based in United States.

Gonzalez, 21, has played two National Series on the island, with an offensive average of 321, thanks to 121 hits in 377 at-bats.

He was replaced in the U23 World Cup team by the Pinar del Río outfielder Reinaldo Lazaga, one of the 12 players who escaped from Ciudad Obregón, home of the championship.

Days before the trip to Mexico, in mid-September, the team director Eriel Sánchez had warned that some players could have been left out of the national team under extra sports criteria like the “lack of patriotism”.

The Cienfuegos player would have been eliminated from the national team due to his friendship with César Prieto, who left the team that played the Americas Pre-Olympic in Florida in the middle of the year.

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