Yasiel Puig denounced that MLB teams are against him: “They don’t want to give us another chance” [VIDEO]

Puig is currently playing in the Winter LIDOM with the intention of returning to MLB in 2022.

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The controversial Cuban player Yasiel puig has made clear his intention to return to MLB by 2022, however recently in an exclusive interview with the Cuban medium Pelota, hinted that there is a ‘boycott’ by Major League Baseball teams not to establish conversations with him or their agents.

Puig, what hopes to have equipment for the start of Spring Training of 2022, he has admitted that one of the reasons teams do not want to start conversations with him is because his “troubled” past.

“The teams don’t want to meet with us, they don’t want to give us another chance. We are asking to speak, to converse in the face, that they understand that what I did in the past, that supposedly could affect them, they continue to focus on the past ”, he stressed.

“I want to show them that I have improved, the things of the fights, it is because of the passion. I am in controversy, there is no talk of my support for Latinos, they only see the negative ”, added the former Dodgers player.

In his seven years on the Big Show, Puig posted a .277 lifetime average with 132 homers, 415 RBIs, 441 runs scored, 79 stolen bases, an .823 OPS and 18.6 WAR.

Yes, it is true that the Antillean player presents an offensive line worthy of admiration and which would bring benefits to any Major League team, as his behavior off the field has been one of the main reasons why teams have decided to put him aside.

It should also be noted that the ‘Crazy Horse’ was charged with domestic violence last year And, although the charge was never verified, Major League Baseball’s policies on these cases are very strict, so this could also be one of the reasons why teams do not want to take the risk with him.

“I keep working and trying to do my best on the field. and seek to improve some difficulties of the past ”, highlighted the player who is currently participating in the LIDOM with the Toros del Este.

“Supposedly I had a problem that was not letting me play, the problem has already been solved, so we are trying to communicate with the teams or with someone who gives us the opportunity to return to the Major Leagues, at least the invitation to Spring Training, “he added.
In that sense, the Cuban recalled that despite the work stoppage that currently exists in MLB, will stay in shape to be uniformed with the team that wishes to sign them. “Now we know that baseball is stopped because of what is happening, but we continue preparing in the Dominican Republic, things are more or less there,” he said.

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Yasiel Puig denounced that MLB teams are against him: “They don’t want to give us another chance” [VIDEO]