Yankees would no longer go for Trevor Story and these are the reasons

The New York Yankees are not interested in the services of Trevor story as reported by reporter Bryan Hoch, none of the bureau members want his services.

Story undoubtedly seemed more favorite than Corey Seager, as they tried to acquire it via exchange before the deadline, their views were not bad before August 30.

However, now that there are more shortstops in free agency, Hoch said that no member of the Yankees office wants Story on the team, because of his bad seasons recently.

Some players did not do well in 2020, however, they managed to vindicate themselves in 2021 showing that all of 2020 was thanks to an irregular season where many elite players played poorly.

Reasons why they don’t go for your services

Story had one of the worst seasons of his career in 2021, as his 103 OPS + was ahead of his 2017 campaign. He is also a much better hitter at Coors Field, having posted a .241 batting line. / .310 / .442 career in his 1,544 road plate appearances, hitting 63 home runs and 80 doubles.

This man does not have much experience in the playoffs and has not played in a demanding scenario like New York, at this point the franchise wants a player who can do things well when they are playing in October and November, which is an uncertainty about Story .

Story’s defense is also down a lot, apart from all those great plays there are simple plays that go away, the Mules are tired of seeing so many errors in the same position.

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Yankees would no longer go for Trevor Story and these are the reasons