Yankees would give Jameson Taillon an interesting role in the Playoffs

The New York Yankees team will use Jameson Taillon in a different role during the 2022 MLB Playoffs.

Jameson Taillon throughout the regular season he was part of the starting rotation for the yankees of New York, but it turns out that facing the Playoffs 2022 of the Major Leagues – MLB these would use him in a rather curious and even new role for him.

New role for Jameson Taillon

Prior to Game 1 of the Division Series between yankees and Cleveland Guardians, manager Aaron Boone stated that Taillon will not start during the 2022 Postseason of the MLB, but will jump to see action from the bullpen. Even the 30-year-old righty’s relief performance could vary, and that includes closing out games, as the Bronx Mutts manager said they are leaning toward a three-man rotation.


The Yankees, at least in this first Postseason series, will not have Aroldis Chapman in their bullpen and with Gerrit Cole, Néstor Cortés Jr. and Luis Severino as the starting pitchers, it is obvious that Taillon is heading to be a reliever, where he will seek to contribute from that moment. side his grain of sand to the triumphs of the Yankees in this beginning of “Promised Land” in the Major Leagues.

It should be noted that “Jamo” has no saves in his career and whoever removes it is 2022, in the Playoffs when he gets the first of his professional career in the Majors.


Jameson Taillon in 2022

In 32 regular-round starts, the right-hander went 14-5 with a 3-91 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 151 strikeouts.

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Yankees would give Jameson Taillon an interesting role in the Playoffs