Yankees: NYY had pre-lockout interest in former Mets All-Star outfielder; Will you still be on his radar?

Before the lockout, the New York Yankees were interested in outfielder Michael Conforto. The Bronx Bombers join the Colorado Rockies and Miami Marlins as the only teams publicly linked to the Conforto market, though more than a dozen teams reportedly reached out to the former All-Star at the start of the free-agent period.

With that platform year in mind, there was speculation that the 29-year-old, 6-foot-5 Conforto could be open to a short-term deal with an opt-out clause, or perhaps just a one-year deal:

Such an arrangement would allow Conforto to quickly re-enter free agency next winter in what he certainly hopes will be on the heels of a stronger 2022 season, not to mention a normal offseason that won’t be interrupted by a lockout.

That said, if Conforto were open to a short-term deal, he could fit the Yankees’ reported preference for such deals. New York offered a one-year, $25 million deal to another free agent QO in Justin Verlander before Verlander re-signed with the Astros, and the Yankees’ reported post-lockout plan is to monitor the shortstop market to see if there are important names (i.e. Carlos Correa or Trevor Storywhich they have not yet signed) could be modified to a shorter-term agreement.

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It stands to reason that the Yankees could expand this strategy beyond shortstop and to any high-profile free agent like Conforto who can address other areas of need on the Bombers’ roster, without tying the club to a prolonged commitment.

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Yankees: NYY had pre-lockout interest in former Mets All-Star outfielder; Will you still be on his radar?