Yankees: Mixed feelings? Matt Carpenter is back in St. Louis and the fans ‘yield at his feet’

the veteran matt carpenter he was doing his best to separate his emotions from the games that would be played for the next three days, and he was mostly succeeding until he was asked about his family’s excitement about being back in St. Louis, the city where he enjoyed so much success in the first 11 years of his MLB career.

After telling a funny story about his 5-year-old son’s confusion about whether his father is still the Cardinals or the Yankee, Carpenter’s strong feelings for St. Louis overwhelmed his best efforts and he had to cover his mouth with his hand to prevent more. raw emotions oozing from each of her pores:

Twice during his pregame media availability, Carpenter, 6-foot-3 and now with New York Yankeesstopped in the middle of her thoughts, tried to swallow the lump in her throat and composed herself to prevent the tears that welled up from her eyes from falling down her cheeks.

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With Carpenter, 36, back in a place he never wanted to leave, there was no tough guy routine or someone to casually stir up the emotions inside him. As someone Cardinals fans fell in love with because of his pinwheel mentality and his outward emotions, Carpenter admitted that his attempts to contain those emotions will likely fail multiple times this weekend at Busch Stadium.

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Yankees: Mixed feelings? Matt Carpenter is back in St. Louis and the fans ‘yield at his feet’