Yankees: Joey Gallo has been a complete scam, barely hitting .130

After his tremendous streak of 13 consecutive victories, the New York Yankees have now lost 8 of their last 10 meetings after the end of said string of matches, which has complicated their place in the playoffs against the onslaught of other teams like the Toronto Blue Jays, who could take away his spot on the AL Wild Card, and one of the players who has not offered no solution is hitter Joey Gallo.

Gallo arrived from the Texas Rangers on the final trade date along with Anthony Rizzo, and the outfielder is far from a solution for the Yankees, as he has been a lousy acquisition thus far, with many signs that perhaps the slugger it was not what the New York offense needed due to the player’s profile.

In 35 games for the Yankees, Gallo has hit just .130 and struck out 61 times of 151 plate appearances, going with the chocolate in 40% of his appearances, which is even over the top by slugger standards. who is known for his tendency to not hit average and strike out a lot.

When he came to the Yankees, Gallo had an .869 OPS with a .223 average with 25 home runs and 139 OPS + with the Rangers, the best numbers of his career to that point. However, after their debacle in New York they have dropped their numbers to a .798 OPS, AVG 130 and a 108 OPS +, just adding another 8 home runs to their account, also leading the entire MLB in total strikeouts 186.

In a lineup already plagued by other players who depend a lot on the home run, strike out a lot and do not hit for average like Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge and Gary Sánchez, it was obvious that the inclusion of Gallo in the lineup could only increase the deficiencies, and it is Of course, neither for the Yankees nor for the player, the change has worked.