Yankees determined to drop 300 million for Carlos Correa?

The New York Yankees are reportedly ready to fork over $300 million for Carlos Correa in free agency.

Everything indicates that the New York Yankees if they are going to spend money on Carlos Correaeven more than 300 million. However, it is not known if the number will only exceed 300 or if it will go further than Francisco Lindor.

“To hear that the Yankees are willing to pay him that amount or more. As Jon Morosi reported, the expectation for Correa is that he will get something like a deal with Lindor or better” said Héctor Gómez.

According to sources, the Chicago Cus are not willing to pay 300 million by Carlos Correa, they even signed Andeltron Simmons on Friday night.

On the other hand, it is no secret to anyone that New York Yankees are eager for the services of Carlos Correa and see him dressed in stripes in New York for the next season.

Qualities of the game Carlos Correa:

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Yankees determined to drop 300 million for Carlos Correa?