Yadier Molina: “It would be something nice to play for a Puerto Rican leader my last season”

The dismissal of the leader Mike shildt surprised him, because although his St. Louis Cardinals were eliminated in the ‘wild card’ match against the Dodgers, at the end the balance of the season was good in the eyes of one of the pillars of the ninth, the Puerto Rican Yadier Molina.

He also empowered the Bayamón Cowboys He spoke on Friday about the 2021 campaign with his Major League team and what he thinks about what he will experience in 2022 on a farewell tour of the stadiums of Major League Baseball and in his life once he reaches the 27th out in his career.

He even said that the process of bringing his family back to Puerto Rico is almost complete.

“It took me by surprise. Obviously, I have a lot of confidence with him (Shildt). I think we did very well. And even though the goal of every organization is to win the World Series, and we’ve come up short two years in a row, I was very surprised. But the management will have their reasons and their reasons “, said Molina during a press conference prior to the third game of his Bayamón Vaqueros in their quarterfinal series against the Pirates of Quebradillas.

On comments that some players allegedly disagreed with Shildt, Molina said he never felt that way.

“We had very good communication. We went to playoffs three times in four years. Maybe there was some problem between him and the management. I can’t give you the reasons, but from what I know inside the Club House, there was no problem of any kind “said the receiver.

“It was a very good year. When you finish 19 games over .500 and we went to the playoffs, it’s a good year. We lost on a pitch (the one that got over Alex Reyes and Chris Taylor disappeared). We didn’t hit much in that game either (because of the wild card) and the Dodgers’ pitching was very good that day. But nothing … we fell short. That is the mentality of the players and we have to keep working so that next year we can do better ”.

As for the new manager to be recruited by the Cardinals, Molina said that he must bring a winning mentality, he must take care of the players and take care of what it means to put on the jersey with the two birds perched on a bat. “It has to be someone who thinks about the organization and trying to win more than anything else. If he is a Puerto Rican, then better. It would be nice to play for a Puerto Rican manager my last season. But the mentality of winning, doing things well and protecting ourselves is the most that a player wants ”.

Molina is already feeling the sensation of when something is about to come to an end, in this case his career. And he says that the 2022 season will be different outside the lines because it will be his last, but on the field the level of excellence will be the same as always.

The Doradeño was asked if he is prepared to receive tributes and gifts in each of the parks he visits, as happened with great baseball figures such as Mariano rivera and David ortiz, among other luminaires.

“When you are at this stage of a race about to finish you say ‘wao, the time has come.’ But we are already physically and mentally prepared for that “, he expressed. “We are ready to have a good year. It’s the same on the field, but we’re ready for those little things outside of baseball that can happen and try to enjoy them. “

While arriving at that moment, Molina has in her near future the desire to be more involved in the day-to-day life of her family and other projects she has in Puerto Rico.

“We are already prepared for the end. The family has already moved to Puerto Rico and the boys are in school here. We already have a routine “, he stated.

“I have the Vaqueros, I have the Los Guapos baseball organization from 5 to 19 years old, which runs under my foundation and Las Guapas in volleyball. I plan to dedicate myself to being a dad. There are many years that one spends a lot of time away from his family. I would like to be a dad, be in the games with them and try to help with school things … be a dad “, he concluded.