Yadel Martí: Success story, his start in baseball WAS NOT as a pitcher

By Migue Guerra

Yadel Martí is one of the pitchers most admired by all the Cuban fans, especially by the capital fans, there are many stories that are known of his feats on the mound and of how much he contributed to the Industriales team and the Cuba team in their years of active player.

Like many iconic figures of Cuban baseball, Yadel is characterized by his modesty and humor when it comes to sharing with fans and the press in general.

In several articles of Complete Swing we have addressed dissimilar experiences and anecdotes that Yadel Martí kindly shared with the work team and with the public in our nighttime star space “The Complete Swing Show”, on March 9, 2021.

One of the best stories that the capital right shared that night was about how they got started in baseball. Particularly shared data that not many fans know from his early years in the sport of the balls and strikes.

Here are some of his words:

“Well, my family is a baseball player, my family has liked baseball since my grandmothers who are gone, my grandmothers, but it comes through my dad. I was born in the cave, but I moved from a very young age to Route 12, which is in front of the Bobby Salamanca stadium. If something was practiced there, it was ball. “

“The stadium was built later, but my dad always liked the ball, he took me to watch the games at the Latino and coincidentally one day of my birthday he bought me a plastic bat, a rag ball and a bad glove, my dad He always said that I had skills, he told me that the day I made up my mind he was going to give me a gift of real sports equipment. “

“By chance one day he took me to the military unit, they were playing ball and the ball reaches me, I grab the ball and throw it and when I shoot, Andrés García and Fermín say to me: come here, don’t you want to play? I tell them: no, I come here to look, but my dad wants me to… “

“They tell me: What do you like? I say that I don’t like being at school all the time, so they say: at two in the afternoon they will bring you here and my dad says: here I am at two in the afternoon. “

“He took me that Thursday and on Friday he bought me my glove and my rubber studs, he took me to the military unit, I started on Monday and started my sports career.”

Yadel Martí also related that he began his sports career as a shortstop, a fact that not many people know.

Find out the whole story in the following video:


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