WITH THE BASES FULL: Pito Abreu responded and equaled the leader Salvador Pérez

By Robiel Vega

At the right time, the team needs him, there Pito appears, who knows what to do to bring those important races that make him the best RBI in the Major Leagues in the last 3 years, the man that nobody wants to face in a situation of maximum responsibility.

In the Sunday clash between the White Sox and Rangers, during the top of the fourth, with the angles full and the 3 × 0 game favorable to Chicago; The Cienfuegos player, counting a strike without balls, knew how to direct a 91-mile sinker hitting the opposite side in a short line that was impossible for Adolis García to catch.

From third the waiter César Hernández scored without problems and from intermediate, after a great corring, Tim Anderson entered with the fifth of the match for the White Sox, managing to dodge receiver José Trevino, after a great shot from Adolis that was close to “cool” it in the rubber.

After this hit, Jose Dariel Abreu maintains the pulse with the Venezuelan Salvador Pérez, with whom he now shares the first place among the top career pushers of this season with 113, both maintaining one of the most close contests for an offensive title in this season finale.

Abreu pushes his sixth race in the last 4 outings to the grass, bringing 2 in each of the challenges, except for the day of Saturday, September 18. In this way, the one born in Bad Weather, has been able to respond to Salvador’s tremendous reaction and has not allowed himself to be taken away from the leadership.

Until the end of this note, the game was at the top of the eighth 7 × 1 in favor of the White Sox and the Cuban first baseman was 4-2, also scoring a run. In this way, it leaves an offensive line of (263/349/488/837) (AVE / OBP / SLG / OPS).

Without further ado, enjoy the hit and remember that you can see all the videos of the Cuban players by following this link.