Wilfredo Romero does not apply that to anyone he is a prophet in his land

for the Venezuelan Wilfred Romero the manager of the Navigators of Magellan on the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) does not apply that nobody is a prophet in his land.

Since 2015 in the LMB

If I have been lucky enough to follow his career of any Venezuelan manager, it is Wilfredo Romero, since the 2015 season, in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) with the Leones de Yucatán, with whom he was from then until part of the 2017 season. , reaching the south zone final twice (2015 and 2016) and being the best manager in both 2015 and 2016.

From then until 2017, interviewing Wilfredo, he asked him about directing in Venezuela and the offer had not come.

God’s time is perfect

As they say popularly and the offer came from the Navegantes del Magallanes of whom Romero was the crew member from start to finish to take them to the championship and became the first manager to do that with the Turks in a full season.

So for Wilfredo Romero that of no one is a prophet in his land does not apply

Since in his first experience as manager in his land he is champion with Magallanes, who won their 13th championship in the history of the LVBP in 7 games, the navigator’s seventh championship since the 93-94 season, since that famous seven (7) runs in the seventh inning of game 7 for the seventh championship in its history, and put his mark in finals in 7 and 7 since then, with the 7 marked the same one that Wilfredo wears on his bib, that’s why the 7 for 7 , and if there is one thing that sticks with what Romero has told me the times I have interviewed him, it is what he told me after game 5 of the south zone final, when a fly ball to the rightfield seemed to end the game and with the final in against the Leones, but the rightfielder couldn’t take it and they won in extra innings, (the one who didn’t believe in God now does) as many Magellans surely do now, so for Wilfredo Romero that doesn’t apply to anyone, he’s a prophet in his land, as it is in Venezuela as well as in Mexico. And now he is going to the Caribbean.

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Wilfredo Romero does not apply that to anyone he is a prophet in his land