Wilfredo Romero answers the questions of Magellan fans (interview)

Wilfredo romero the new manager of the Navigators of the Magellan for the season 20212022 of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) answered some questions from some Magellan fans.

We asked Magellan fans to send us their questions for Wilfredo Romero, the new manager of the Navigators of the Magellan for the season 20212022 of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) and then the same and the answers of the Turkish helmsman:

Are you going to use sabermetry (knowing how complicated that topic is here, from the information) and how will it be used?

I do not rule out using it, if we have to use it we will use it, but I also want to make it clear that the meaning and feeling of the game counts much more, what is happening, how you have seen the batters, what has happened in the games with the teams, the gambling instinct is worth much more than any information.

Are you one of the managers, who gives importance to your opener taking the game won or do you doubt that when you start giving symptoms of lack of control and fatigue, get your hands on the bullpen?

Magellan is going to win a championship and has to have the team as a priority, there are moments, circumstances, situations in which you can give confidence to a pitcher or even a position player, infielder, a batter, the environment will tell you whether to give trust, we will make decisions according to Magellan according to the team’s needs, I will make decisions together with my coaching staff so that the team is number one (1), the best, there will be times I will not give the win to the pitcher, I prefer that the team win than a pitcher win and many mature players will understand that, others will not, they will have to earn their trust and I give it to them.

Which players are you counting on?

All of them, some have contacted me, Henderson Álvarez, many of them will be willing, some are already playing in Venezuela, Rondón (Jorge), Vizcaya (Anthony) are going to have a break time, but they still have the time to report, I have not communicated with them, but most are willing to start from the beginning, it will depend on the activity they had where they were, it is a matter of agreement, talking, how they are, until now most are available.

What will your coaching staff be?

It is practically the same, I am going to have conversations with two of them, some names that I have for a bench coach, the coach of pitching is going to be Luis Carlos Rivera, the coach of bullpen José Villa, third-place coach Víctor Oramas, Félix Escalona the coach first class and in charge of infield.

What would be the plan to bring imported ones?

There are two interesting names, they are looking for a first baseman and a force outfield, a starter would not hurt.

If possible changes are coming and what players would you be looking for in the market?

I have two names, they are interesting names to reinforce what is being sought in the team.

When you arrive?

I plan to arrive two weeks before or a little before practices begin.

How do you plan the rotation and who will be the closer?

There are pitchers like Erick Leal, Gabriel García, Wilfredo Boscán, Henderson Álvarez (he’s almost 100 percent), the starters are, the staff from pitching is, Rondón, Vizcaya, are part of the body of pitching for late in the games, you have to see the plans of the young people who are going to be to define a staff from pitching solid.

What are the chances that he could bring Masaru Nakamura to Magellan?

It is not ruled out, although he already was drafted in Mexico, I don’t know what his plan is, if he is going to play in Mexico or is he going home, a pitcher that would make an impact on Magalllanes and in Venezulea for its way of pitch.

Image by Adriana Gallardo @adrianapez on Instagram, follow her.