Who should be the manager of the Mets?

Do youWho must be the manager of the Mets of New York ?, in case the Dominican Luis Rojas does not continue as a pilot for the metropolitans for the 2022 season of the Big leaguesHere are some options.

Carlos Beltran

He was to be the Mets manager before the Houston Astros’ illegal email theft scandal in which he was implicated on the player’s side was uncovered, but he was not sanctioned like AJ Hinch and Alex Cora, who are leading again in MLB, then why not the Puerto Rican as well.

The issue as Beltrán is that the previous Mets administration was the one who appointed him as manager and not that of the new owner Steve Cohen, but if the new metropolitans signed a contract with Francisco Lindor for 341 million dollars and could retain Javier Báez, then it would not be unreasonable and crazy for his countryman to be his manager.

Other Puerto Ricans

They are also linked to the Mets:

  • Sandy Alomar Jr.
  • Eduardo Perez
  • Joey cora

Terry collins

He led the Mets to play their last World Series so far in 2015 and although he came out in 2017, but with the return of Sandy Alderson to the Mets as president, the return of Collins should not be ruled out.

Bobby valentine

If Tony La Russa returned to the Chicago White Sox as manager 35 years later, Valentine doing it with the Mets is not impossible. Also, with him nothing seems impossible as a manager, I still remember when he was thrown out of a game and disguised himself to return to the dugout.

Edgardo Alfonzo

When Alfonzo left the Mets for the San Francisco Giants, it was said that the Metropolitans weren’t the same without him, so much so that it took more than 10 years for the New Yorkers to return to play the World Series.

Alfonzo returned to the Mets to manage an affiliate of their minor league farm system and made them champions something that had not happened in 18 years.

Davey johnson

Champion manager with the Mets in ’86, and would enter the same example as Valentine and La Russa.

Oswaldo Guillén

His last managerial experience so far in the Major Leagues was in the National League East with the Marlins, where the Mets play. And if Guillén has shown something with the White Sox, it is that he can quickly make a team a champion that has had years without winning the World Series in the Major Leagues. Also, imagine Guillén in New York, to grab a box as they popularly say in baseball.