Who has the best cutter since Mariano Rivera in MLB?

Far from his 652 saved games or a lifetime ERA of 2.21 that for 19 years adorn the career of New York Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera, the Cutter pitch or Straight Cut, without a doubt it is positioned as an authentic characteristic of the Panamanian.

With his power to dominate using just the Cutter throw, Rivera planted a career that unanimously brought him to Cooperstown as an immortal.

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Corbin burnes

The pitcher adapted the Cutter as his main weapon in 2021, having a great season to become CY Young of the National League. With a speed of 95.2 mph in the average of his cutter, using it in 362 appearances against hitters, meaning 52.3% of his repertoire.

Burnes’s results in 2021 with the Cutter were magnificent, allowing a batting average of .237 with this pitch, while a 32.1 Whiff% (percentage of swings fanned out), achieving a Spin Rate of 2767 RPM, reaching an Extension of 6.4 on your arm above plate level.

Kenley jansen

With 92.5 mph on his Cutter in 2021, Jansen had his highest average mph on that pitch since 2017 (93.2). During his career, the relief pitcher has used the Cut Straight as his main weapon, which in 2021 only allowed an OBA of .176 in 58.0% of shipments where he used his Cutter.

It had 2677 RPM in its Spin Rate, along with a brilliant 7.1 Extension, which ended in the result of a 31.9 Whiff%.

Alex Colomé and Yu Darvish

Veteran pitchers were far from good seasons in 2021, although the Cutter has been a weapon that has characterized their careers.

Darvish cutter between 2019 and 2020:

2019: 36.5% / 86.9 mph / 2651 Spin Rate / 30.3 Whiff% / .195 OBA

2020: 40.5% / 86.9 mph / 2779 Spin Rate / 29.5 Whiff% / .255 OBA

Cutter de Colomé between 2019 and 2020:

2019: 68.0% / 90.3 mph / 2149 Spin Rate / 31.5 Whiff% / .177 OBA

2020: 726% / 89.3 mph / 2145 Spin Rate / 33.6 Whiff% / .156 OBA

Emerging relay: Emmanuel Clase and Aaron Civale

  • Emmanuel Clase: The Dominican had a beautiful year in 2021, registering for 71 games an ERA of 1.29 and WHIP of 0.96. He showed his Cutter at an average speed of 100.2 mph, a pitch that he used in 69.5% of his repertoire, registering a 29.5 Whiff% rate and an OBA of .241, a pitch that sported a Spin Rate of 2579 RPM.
  • Aaron Civale: The right-hander adopted the Cutter as his main launch in 2021, registering its use in 24.9% of his repertoire, accompanied by 87.7 mph and 2493 RMP of Spin Rate. He had results of 20.1 of Whiff% and only his opponents hit him a .191 of OBA.

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Who has the best cutter since Mariano Rivera in MLB?