What will happen if MLB and players do not reach an employment agreement?

The spotlight since the last out of the World Series on MLB, It has been based mainly between the negotiations of a Labor Agreement (CBA) between the Association of Peloteros and Owners of Equipment of Big leagues.

If a CBA is not agreed with the expiration of the current agreement on December 1, the league would face a work stoppage. This uncertainty of not forming an agreement until December 1 is growing, since the players and MLB had a meeting this Tuesday, where they only spent 30 minutes talking.

What would happen if there was a work stoppage in the Major Leagues?

  • International prospects (July 2) who are close to signing from December 15 to January 15 will not be able to secure contracts
  • Minor League Players eligible for the Rule 5 Draft will not see the draw take place
  • Free agents that have not signed will see negotiation processes freeze
  • Neither party could force the start of the season without first agreeing to a new CBA (Major League Labor Collective Bargaining Agreement between Team Owners and Players)
  • Teams will stop covering their part of the medical insurance policy for the duration of the strike, leading the player to pay for the insurance themselves
  • Players within the Roster of 40 could not under any circumstances use the facilities of their teams, be it from gyms or practice facilities

The CBA seeks to agree on the rules of the game and contractual regulations that will govern the Big leaguesWhether you want a universal designated hitter, expanded playoffs, or until players become free agents at a younger age, receive higher minimum salaries, or establish “floor or cap” policies on club payrolls. .

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What will happen if MLB and players do not reach an employment agreement?