“What I went through, I do not wish it to the worst enemy” Eduardo Paret CONFESSED about Rolando Arrojo’s call

By Migue Guerra

The famous call from Rolando Arrojo for which Eduardo Paret was sanctioned is an issue that is still quite controversial. This represents one of the many injustices that have been committed in Cuban baseball over the years and that have not only directly affected those involved.

Rolando Arrojo, got his family to leave the island illegally in 1996, while he was in the United States with Team Cuba, prior to the Olympics. When the pitcher learned that his family had escaped, he left the Cuban delegation.

The star pitcher played for 5 years in the best baseball in the world with the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox, where he threw 700 innings, struck out 512, gave 255 walks, had a 4.55 ERA, registered 40 wins and 42 setbacks, saw action in 158 games, 105 of them as a starter and maintained a 1,386 whip.

Earlier, in an interesting interview, Swing Completo had first-hand the words of Rolando ArrojoAmong various issues addressed, the serpentine player clarified that they committed a tremendous injustice to Eduardo Paret, because he did call, but he never spoke with the shortstop from Villa Clara.

On the other hand, we were also fortunate to hear the words of Eduardo Paret regarding this controversial issue. Paret told us on May 26, 2021 in the nighttime star space of the Complete Swing Show, many of the things that he suffered in those moments of anguish and injustice.

“I have a boy who is 21 years old today, almost the age I was when that time, and I have two 10-year-old girls. Any parent is asked to do something to your child at that age, imagine you … four years for fun. Look if it was hard, you remember in 1999 that a hundred players went to a preselection, there were 15 shortstops and I said: I’ll be so bad. “

At that moment it did not cross Paret’s mind to leave the country.

“Imagine they were other times, one has a thousand things, my mother, in those moments so many things happened to me that I could say here, why … What I went through, I do not wish it to my worst enemy.”

For a supposed conversation with Arrojo … Did he really exist?

“No, it never existed, Arrojo also said it on a program. That was in the Latino, from Mexico I knew they were going to sanction me. That year Cuba and the United States suspended the cap, in 1997, we had gone to Mexico to practice at altitude and there they told me that this was going to happen. I said: you’re crazy, nothing will happen if I haven’t done anything. “

“I went to Havana, we started training because we were going to Italy and on the day of the pass they called me from security … They said: this is so and now, you left. Then they had a meeting with my mom and dad, that we were going to come back again, to come back was that we got four years sanctioned. Only me and my family know what I went through, and my friends, four years that are difficult. “

Find out about everything Eduardo Paret said in the following video:

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