What are the City Connect uniforms worn by MLB teams in 2021?

One of the things that has caused the most impact this season of MLB are the City Connect uniforms, which have not gone unnoticed among fans of the Big leagues and that aims to become a fashion break in sports.

The last team to join this trend from the Nike brand was Los Angeles Dodgers, that this Friday they wore an impressive model that is a tribute to the 40 years of Fernandomanía.

One of the most conservative teams in this regard, the New York Yankees, will soon join, although it will not be this season. They are still studying the best way to choose their alternate uniform from this series, in which the players themselves have contributed ideas and which is currently a success in sales.

Nike, the brand that manufactures the shirts for MLB uniforms, has the City Connect series, an alternate uniform with avant-garde designs that also refer to some aspect of the host city of each club.

At the moment there are seven teams that have dared to follow this trend, which in some cases even breaks with the traditional colors of the organization.

The first were the Boston Red Sox They have been followed by the Miami Marlins (a tribute to the Cuban Sugar Kings); Chicago White Sox (highlights gothic “Southside” typeface) and Cubs (a nod to the Wrigleyville neighborhood that surrounds their stadium).

They have also experienced the Arizona Rattlesnakes (gold uniforms with the name “Serpents” on the chest), San Francisco Giants (they honored the Golden Gate Bridge) and the Dodgers, with a blue uniform with that inscription on the chest: The Dodgers .

Nike and MLB expect all 30 Major League Baseball teams to have a City Connect jersey by the end of the 2023 season.