“What about Víctor was incredible”, CONFESSED Yuli Gurriel

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

One of the funniest nights in “The Complete Swing Show”, stellar program that is broadcast on our YouTube channel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8:30 pm (Cuba and Eastern United States time), was that of last February 7, in which we had as special guests to the Gurriel brothers, a conversation they later joined Yasmany Thomas and Raisel Iglesias.

For several hours, Yulieski and Lourdes Jr. shared interesting stories of their sports and personal careers with the hosts of the space, who did not stop laughing at times and listening to interesting confessions from these two excellent Cuban MLB players.

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One of the funniest moments came when both began to talk about the excessive punctuality that Víctor Mesa had when he was manager of a team, both in Cuba and in his province of Villa Clara.

“The Victor thing was incredible,” Yulieski said with a laugh. “He said that at three o’clock and from ten minutes past two he was leaving with the bus.”

Yuli confessed in the program that he was quite lazy with those issues of the schedules and that with Victor as director, it was very complicated for him.

«With the problem that I have with that, it was more difficult. At two-fifty I was still sitting with Fredy (Asiel Álvarez). When we went down, they were already warming up on the ground. “

If you want to know the answer that Victor gave to Yulieski that day, you can see it in the video on our YouTube channel that appears at the end of the note.

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For his part, Yunito Gurriel, also recounted one of his experiences with Víctor Mesa as director, which happened in Mexico, specifically in Veracruz, in his first training session with the Cuba team.

“Breakfast was around eight in the morning and we were leaving around nine (for the stadium). I told Yuli to go early for breakfast to give us time. We went down at about seven thirty. “

«We were there quietly having breakfast, still very early and at that time Víctor passed by us, for the bus. And Yuli, who already knew what it was like, told me: “Pick up everything you have left there and let’s go to the bus.” There was still an hour to go. “

The youngest Gurriel said that due to Víctor’s haste, several team members lost their transportation to the stadium and had to move on their own (more details in the video).

But the best story of all, according to Yuli Gurriel, occurred in a game of the National Baseball Series, between his team Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara. They went to buy pizza for a snack, when they saw half an orange team, dressed in uniform, arrive at the Sandino stadium in horse carriages …

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Yuli also recounted a fun experience that occurred with Frederich Cepeda and Víctor Mesa in a hotel, during an international event in which they participated.

“It seemed that Cepeda had been given something,” Yuli said with laughter.

All the details of this moment lived in “The Complete Swing Show” with Yuli Gurriel and his brother Lourdes Jr, can be enjoyed below:

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