Venezuela vs Dominican Republic LIVE today (0-3) | 02/01/2022

20:15 36 minutes ago

5 | Short

José Siri hits a triple with a fly ball to center field; Richard Urena scores the Dominican Republic third race.

19:51 an hour ago

4 | Short

Again, the marker doesn’t move on the input; Venezuela is still down on the scoreboard by two runs.

19:33 an hour ago

3 | Short

19:14 2 hours ago

3 | high

Venezuela continues without reacting; again, leave a couple of runners on base.

18:52 2 hours ago

2 | Short

Single by Juan Francisco with fly to right field; Kelvin Gutiérrez and Marcell Ozuna score and ahead of the Dominican Republic on the board.

18:38 2 hours ago

2 | high

Venezuela leaves without doing damage in this second round; he didn’t take advantage of having runners on the last two bases.

18:22 2 hours ago

1 | Short

José Siri, Hanser Alberto and Robinson Cano are removed in a row. The Dominican Republic doesn’t hurt after a full inning either.

18:14 3 hours ago

1 | high

With a double kill on Willians Astudillo and Niuman Romero, the first batting round ends for Venezuela.

18:07 3 hours ago


Albert Abreu, from the Dominican Republic, on the mound; Alejandro de Aza, from Venezuela, at bat.

17:47 3 hours ago

Dominican Republic, to close well.

Meanwhile, Luis Urueta, manager of the Dominicans, stated that they should reach the semifinals in good condition: “Today things were not given to us, congratulations to Colombia who did a great job, their starter gave them a solid start and they were able to take advantage of their opportunities. This victory for Colombia goes to show that in this type of tournament anything can happen, unfortunately today we had to lose, but it’s time to move on and reach the semifinals strong“.

17:45 3 hours ago

Venezuela goes for the victory

The manager of the Venezuelan ninth, Wilfredo Romero, assured that they will seek to remain as leaders: “It is a very important victory, we come here to compete, regardless of being classified, all the games are important and tomorrow we are going to win against the Dominican Republic“.

17:35 3 hours ago

Starting pitchers announced

For Venezuela, the starting pitcher will be Henry Centeno, while Albert Abreu will be for the Dominican Republic.

17:32 3 hours ago

Dominican Republic confirmed ninth

17:24 3 hours ago

Confirmed ninth from Venezuela

17:15 4 hours ago

deciding match

The game between Dominicans and Venezuelans will be the last of the Preliminary Round, so this result will be the one that defines how the crosses will be in the semifinals. For now, this is how the phase would be played: Dominican Republic vs. Colombia and Venezuela vs. Mexico.

17:15 4 hours ago

Determined semi-finalists!

The four countries that qualified for the next stage of the competition are the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia.

17:10 4 hours ago

Let’s start!

In practically an hour, the ninth teams from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic will hold perhaps the most interesting game of this phase, in search of taking the lead in the first round of the 2022 Caribbean Series.

17:05 4 hours ago

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Where and how to watch Venezuela vs Dominican Republic online and live

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Dominican Republic news

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Venezuelan Present

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How do they get there?

16:40 4 hours ago

Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, in search of the top

Without a doubt, the ninths of Venezuela Y Dominican Republic They have been the ones that have looked the best, and that is why both have already secured their pass to the next phase of the competition. However, this game will be very important for both, since the leadership of the preliminary round will be in dispute.

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competition format

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Who participates in the 2022 Caribbean Series?

16:25 4 hours ago

What is the Caribbean Series?

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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the match broadcast Venezuela vs Dominican Republic live, corresponding to the preliminary round of the Caribbean Series 2022. The game will take place in the Quisqueya Stadium, sharply at 6:00 p.m.

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Venezuela vs Dominican Republic LIVE today (0-3) | 02/01/2022