US senator lashed out at “baseball oligarchs”

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi)

The senator of the United States, Bernie Sanders, has made a statement this Thursday after concluding the lockout of the Major Leagues where he touches on several important points. Sanders did not hide his happiness, expressing: “I am delighted to see that an agreement has been reached so that the Major League Baseball (MLB) season can begin.”

However, the senator also showed his disagreement for the behavior that the owners of MLB had, which if they made something very clear, is that they did not prioritize the long-awaited baseball show. This Sanders wrote about it: “The recent and unacceptable behavior of MLB owners has taught us some very important lessons that cannot be ignored. We are dealing with an organization controlled by multiple billionaires who are collectively worth over $100 billion. It should be clear to all that these baseball oligarchs have shown that they are far more concerned with increasing their wealth and profits than with strengthening our national pastime.”

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The current senator for the state of Vermont had very strong words towards what he calls “baseball oligarchs.” He criticized them without remorse, making his criteria very clear, without fear or hypocrisy. These were his words to this group of billionaires: “These are baseball oligarchs who negotiated in bad faith for over 100 days in a brazen attempt to break up the players’ union. These are baseball oligarchs who, over the last year, have eliminated their affiliation with more than 40 minor league teams, not only causing unnecessary financial pain and suffering, but also breaking the hearts of fans in small and medium-sized cities across America. . These are baseball oligarchs who continue to pay totally inadequate wages to minor leaguers and want to eliminate the jobs of 900 other minor leaguers. These are baseball oligarchs who receive billions of dollars in corporate welfare from taxpayers to build expensive stadiums. These are baseball oligarchs who, in many cases, charge outrageously high prices for tickets that many working-class families can’t afford.”

But this was not all, Sanders intends to take an initiative by presenting a set of laws that put a stop to the inappropriate behavior of MLB so that what has been seen in recent months does not happen again. So he ended his statement as follows: “It would be wrong for Congress to simply celebrate today’s deal and move on. We must prevent the greed of baseball oligarchs from destroying the game. The best way to do that is to end Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption and I will introduce legislation to do just that.”

For the moment, we will already have action and the 2022 season will begin on April 7. But you have to think about what may come and Sanders’ intervention has been very timely. He had already expressed himself about it in previous days and now he is taking action on the matter to prevent another unpleasant situation in the future like the one that all baseball lovers have experienced in recent months.

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US senator lashed out at “baseball oligarchs”