Update on Fernando Tatis Jr.’s injury in the majors

Update on Fernando Tatis Jrs injury in the majors

The dominican Fernando Tatis Jr. have good news from your injury after a few days on the injured list of the San Diego Padres on the MLB.

According to Bob Nightengale, Tatis Jr. is getting better and better on his injured shoulder and is expected to return at some point this season. The San Diego Padres They reported that he has had improvements and that he will return to the field.

According to Kevin Aceee, Tatis Jr. is being considered to play center field when he returns to the field:

Fernando Tatis Jr he’s been doing some cage swings and will be doing it on the field soon.

We still have to hope what will happen once the 10-day period on the disabled list passes for Fernando Tatis Jr. if it’s going to be sent again or they’d activate it.

Tatis Jr. has a good chunk of travel in the MVP race, Jacob Degrom is another strong candidate and is also out for a injury at home, however, the Dominican has hopes of returning long before the New York Mets pitcher.

Once he returns, his intense playing is likely to slow down a bit in order to take care of his shoulder and stay on the pitch until the end of the 2021 season.

It is nothing new that the highest paid Dominican in the MLB He is heading for surgery when the regular season ends, report both manager Jay Singer and Los Angeles manager AJ Peller. San Diego Padres.