UNTIL THE LAST ROUND: Osvel Caballero LEFT EVERYTHING on the ring in the semifinals

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

In a fight that seemed very difficult from the previous one, the Cuban boxer Osvel knight (48-20) could not beat a tough stumbling block like the Kazakh Serik Temirzhanov (29-15), despite leaving everything on the ring of the Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia, in the semifinal of the 57 kg division in this World Boxing Championship.

The Mayabequense lost in a close 3-2 split decision match against him and tight scores of 29-28, 28-29, 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28, after nine minutes of incessant fighting over him. ring, a disaster that left him in a very meritorious bronze medal and with a guaranteed prize of 25 thousand dollars.

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The Kazakh came out in the first round in search of defining the actions early and maintained an intense blow on Caballero, who was not far behind and accepted the exchange. However, Temirzhanov was much more efficient in his punching and in the final seconds of the segment, he put the Cuban in poor condition with a protection account included, which earned him to certify his 5-0 success in the set.

However, Caballero did not want to lose his match easily and stormed out into the ring in the second round. With good combinations and precise movements on the ring he managed to close the fight a bit, despite giving up 2-3 on the judges’ scorecards.

The last round was worthy of an excellent closing for such an interesting fight, with both boxers looking for victory and in which Osvel took the best part, obtaining the unanimous vote of the five judges, but already the advantage against him could only be erase if he knocked out his opponent, something that could never happen.

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In this way, Osvel Caballero says goodbye to this Boxing World Cup, leaving an excellent impression on the followers of Cuban boxing and launching his candidacy for future international commitments for the Cuban squad.

Cuba added its second defeat of the semifinal round, after the setback suffered by the pinero Herich Ruiz against another Cuban, Loren Alfonso, who represents Azerbaijan, adding a solitary triumph in the opening, to the account of the Agramontino Yoenlis Hernández, to add a balance of 21 successes and 5 setbacks in the contest. In addition, he already has two official bronze medals, a boxer in the final and two others who secured bronze metal and will come out today for his pass to discuss the title in their respective divisions.

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Full swing will continue to monitor the performance of Cuban boxers in this World Cup and all the information can be found at this link.

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UNTIL THE LAST ROUND: Osvel Caballero LEFT EVERYTHING on the ring in the semifinals