Until forever! Tribute to a great Cuban baseball

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A group of journalists, artists, writers, poets and other baseball lovers came to the necropolis of Colón to pay a just tribute to Andrés Ayón Brown, who at 84 years old physically disappeared due to the aftermath of a stroke.

Along with the image of another immortal of Cuban baseball, Ismael Sené, the main leader of the “Always Baseball” project, Yasel Porto began the emotional meeting saying: “Today is not a sad day, we are gathered to remember what great legends did of sport and of the country. Those figures were happy people and I am sure they are proud of this tribute ”.

The solemn activity had the main objective of safeguarding the history of those players, who contributed so much to the sport in the Greater Antilles. “We attended this afternoon to” Salto Field “above all to maintain the legacy and memory of those men who gave their all for the national pastime,” Porto explained.

During the activity, it was possible to listen once again to the recordings of Ismael Sené, Andrés Ayón and other immortals of Cuban baseball, who advocated in life to protect the legacy of baseball. The moment touched the most sentimental side of those present at the event, many of them unable to resist sighing at the memories that come from listening to such special audios.

Family members and friends of the remembered Andrés Ayón also attended the activity, unveiling a plaque that will perpetuate his image in the pantheon. Likewise, the brother of the late player thanked the group present, with some tears in his eyes, for the tribute to the stellar pitcher.


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The organizers took the opportunity to recognize the work of other players who served in the Cuban Professional League. Men like Ibrahim Brull, Luis Zayas, Máximo García and Rafael López received a well-deserved award for their lifelong work linked to the sport of the ball and strikes.

Other Cuban baseball personalities were awarded in the activity. The great Julita Osendi, for many years a reference of baseball in the official Cuban press, received at the hands of Yasel Porto a cap signed by the Golden Glove of the American League, Yulieski Gurriel. In addition, the current vice president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Luis Daniel del Risco, heard several compliments at that meeting.


On the tombstone of the stellar serpentineer they scattered dirt from the Latin American Stadium and the 50th Anniversary of Plaza de la Revolución, places where he spent a large part of his life and to which he dedicated all his effort, with the mission of developing the sport that he loved so much.

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Until forever! Tribute to a great Cuban baseball