U23 Baseball World Cup: Results, positions and schedule

Hermosillo, Sonora /

It started in Ciudad Obregón and Hermosillo, Sonora, the U23 Baseball World Cup, an event organized by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC), with 12 participating countries, including Mexico, the defending champion, and here we present the details of each day of activity.

The tournament has two groups with six ninths in the first round, facing everyone against everyone. At the end of this stage, the first three places will advance to the next part of the tournament, called the Super Round. The three worst teams will go to a Consolation Round.

Already in the Super Round there will be crossed duels, the three teams from Group A against the three teams from B, and at the end of this stage, the first four places will be in the semifinal.

Below we present the most important information for each day of activity, so that you do not lose detail of what happens in the U-23 World Cup:


These are the results that have been presented in the duels in Obregón and Hermosillo on the THIRD day of action.

  • Germany 6-4 Czech Republic
  • South Korea 2-5 Panama
  • Chinese Taipei 1-2 Cuba
  • Colombia 10-0 Netherlands
  • Mexico 8-2 Dominican Republic
  • Venezuela 6-3 Nicaragua


These are the meetings scheduled to take place this Sunday, September 26 in the U-23 World Cup (All times in local time, 2 more hours in central Mexico):

  • (10:30) Cuba vs. Germany
  • (10:30) Netherlands vs. Panama
  • (15:00) Czech Republic vs. Dominican Republic
  • (15:00) Nicaragua vs. Colombia
  • (19:30) Chinese Taipei vs. Mexico
  • (19:30) South Korea vs. Venezuela


So they are the two groups of the U23 World Cup, after the second day of tournament action: