Tigres del Licey involved in labor, racial and sexual controversies within the group

Testimonies from former Tigres del Licey employees assured ESPN Digital that working with “El Glorioso” is truly chaotic and traumatizing, since it was revealed that there are serious labor, racial and even sexual conflicts within the organization

Seen many times as a role model for success, Tigres del Licey have represented for many years, at least outwardly, everything that must be done to achieve success, which is also endorsed by the largest fan base among the six teams that make up the Dominican winter ball circuit, however, there are highly accusations serious towards the institution.

The Tigers They have been involved in multiple controversies involving top-level personnel in recent years. More recently and surprisingly, the blue team decided with only twelve games in the 2021 season, to replace its manager, Carlos Jose Lugo, which has been contrasted with mixed reactions, despite the fact that the team has performed better under the command of the new manager, Audo Vicente.

After the decision, ESPN Digital initiated an investigation with former club employees, who confessed the occurrence of alleged practices that range from morally objectionable to abuse of a position of power, persecution and in some cases, situations where classism and racism were allegedly present. This, according to testimonies, turned the experience of working for the twenty-two times Dominican champions into a complete “hell”.

Said statements, which are directly supported by the information provided by the interviewees, are will keep anonymous at the request of these, due to manifest concerns that the set could retaliate of any kind.


Regarding the departure of the team by the interviewees, the majority agreed on the fact that there is a supposed “chain of imposition” in which absolutely everything that the president or incumbent on duty determines, must be carried out, without there is room to point out mistakes or else the person is simply fired.

One of the interviewees confessed: “my departure was due to clashes with superiors over decision-making in the implementation of improvements in the transmissions. I remember that I spent a year working without payment so as not to leave the project orphaned ”.

“They have a peculiar way of treating the employee where Licey (the team) is above everything and they sell you the package that you are in the” largest team in the world “, but the treatment is of a franchise without structure, without respect for the jobs, everyone there knows everything, from social networks to public relations, press, operations, management, etc. “

Others indicated that the normality of working in the team is disorganization, improvisation and misinformation. There were accusations of interference in the functions of former employees, even pointing out that the opinion of everyone who was on the board, as well as those related to them, had more weight than that of the hired professionals.

Among those interviewed there was one who pointed out: “the problem starts from the board of directors, it is involved as much or more than the workers who are hired to do the job. The labor aspect is very informal, lack of management as a company, economic problems and poor treatment of employees ”.

This was supported by statements from another of the sources in which it was indicated: “The president thinks that, as president, you have to listen to him, but a manager also thinks, then another manager, then an assistant manager, a wife of a An executive has his opinion, one who always comes out in everything, although he does not know anything, but he has his opinion and lives getting involved to ingratiate himself with the directive of the moment. In short, a very tense and unpleasant work environment ”.

Another source indicated that working outside the team’s offices did not improve the situation either. “I made trips to the interior to cover the games until the Final Series; I had to make the trips and they were supposed to give us a diet, out of five trips I only received the diet one day ”.


One of the interviewees even pointed out that within the club there were alleged sexual accusations against another former employee, which ended up costing him his job. Said revelation, which will not be released out of respect for those affected, involves high-level people in the team who currently have coordination tasks in the club’s organization chart. Of these problems there are confessions on the subject.

Someone added: “This is still the hour, that I have not really been informed of the reason why I was fired, nor was I given a reason why they did it. I really don’t know what I did wrong in the organization, what they realized more than a decade later, what (I) was doing wrong … “

The departments most affected by these attitudes, as indicated by the sources, are the minors within the team structure, especially those that are somehow involved with communication outside the club. Some confess that, in case of giving contrary ideas to the managers, they are allegedly branded as disobedient and supposedly radical decisions are taken against them.

“Among all the abuses, I will never forget how a department director sent my photo to the security of the team and like every criminal she sent me out of the offices, thus preventing me from doing my press work and staining my name out of whims without having done absolutely nothing to deserve that, “he confessed to ESPN Digital one of the interviewees.


One of the most serious accusations made by the interviewees was related to alleged attitudes of classism and racism within the team’s management, pointing to a disparagement of employees for belonging to a social class other than managers or because of their skin color .

This person remembers that, to someone in particular, one of the managers sometimes called “monkey” and “gorilla” to refer to him.

Another episode recalled by one of the interviewees was during Manny Acta’s leadership in the team. “He spoke disparagingly of the then manager of the La Romana team, Félix Francisco, when referring to him during a transaction carried out by the then manager Manny Acta.” You were fooled by that “black guy” (Félix Francisco).

It is important to note that in those same statements, the feunte pointed out that the office of Minutes It was allegedly moved by the team board to avoid having friction with childhood friends of the former manager.

“There was a time when Manny Acta felt uncomfortable, because from baseball operations, most of his friends are black. Manny is from Consuelo and all of his friends are brown. There was a year that they took out his office; they put it outside to that it had nothing to do with the directive, because they said that he used too many blacks, imagine you, racism … “, alleged the source.


The statements that the interviewed sources provided to ESPN Digital they appear to be supported by high staff turnover numbers. In recent years there has been instability in some important positions within the squad. From 2008 to date, for example, a total of 15 leaders have guided the blue team, while in 15 years, seven people have occupied the position of general manager of the team.

Similarly, high job turnover has been seen in other positions, according to those interviewed. Several interviewees admitted that some employees only lasted one season and were replaced the following year, with no continuity of work or a future plan in some cases.

Whatever is going on within the blue team, the troubling behavior that has been reported to ESPN Digital It has been getting worse over the past decade, according to interview sources. Hence it is established that, despite being a highly winning team in terms of performance on the pitch, Tigres del Licey would seem to have a long way to go to put “the house in order”.

Preserving the impartiality that characterizes ESPN Digital, at the time of this investigation, an attempt was made to obtain the version of the facts from the directors of Tigres del LiceyUntil now, the team has not agreed to present statements in this regard.


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Tigres del Licey involved in labor, racial and sexual controversies within the group