Tigres and Magallanes hope to have their big leagues

Gonzalo Urgelles R.

The weekend kicked off the 77th edition of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. Initially, the rivals to beat will be Caribes de Anzoátegui (current champion) and the Cardenales de Lara (current runner-up and one of the most fit teams today). Of the eight teams that make up the tournament, there are two that were not licensed to have staff affiliated with Major League Baseball.

Navegantes del Magallanes and Tigres de Aragua remain in the eye of the hurricane with everything corresponding to the OFAC issue and all that this implies. In order to make a championship as balanced as possible, the league decided to grant these two currencies a place for imports with twice the number of quotas than the rest.

While Lions, Caribs, Cardinals, Sharks, Braves and Eagles have the possibility of incorporating three foreign players, the two teams involved will have six spots.

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During the press conference to present the season, the president of the circuit, Giuseppe Palmisano took the opportunity to clarify that neither the league, nor any of the eight organizations that make it up, have received sanctions of any kind.

“The baseball league and its eight teams have never been sanctioned. We went to request a license, since Major League Baseball made a query to OFAC about the measures taken by the Executive of the United States – for us an unnecessary query – that caused us to move and look for the license. The license was renewed to six teams and we have it for a period of two years ”, commented the director of the entity.

In turn, Palmisano affirmed that files are being presented individually, to clarify many things and that the licenses for those two teams are issued. In the event that MLB decides to grant the permits, both Magallanes and Tigres must adhere to the regulations and reduce their importation to three players.

According to the press department of the Bengali group, no member of the Board of Directors that presides over the organization is giving statements of any kind, regarding this matter. Nor was it possible to establish communication with the feline coaching staff.

For its part, despite the fact that no information was obtained from the Navegantes del Magallanes media team, claiming that they did not have authorization; contact was made with Maximiliano Branger, president of the filibuster team.

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The top leader commented that the organization, at the moment, does not have in mind names of players who may be joining the discipline in case they are granted the license. In turn, Branger commented that he does not see as an advantage or disadvantage that the number of imports is reduced, if they will be able to count on players affiliated with the Major Leagues.

“It would be fair. We made the equivalence by raising imported prices, but if we have to reduce the amount, we will have the possibility of including MLB players who can help us, ”said the manager.

Regarding the OFAC issue as such, Branger classified it as a sensitive issue, while ensuring that all the requirements that have been requested have been sent, that we only have to wait for a pronouncement on the matter. However, he was positive and sees the clarification of the situation feasible.

In addition, through his Twitter account, sports commentator Ricardo Gibbon recalled that the period established by OFAC, in which these two currencies were affected, expires on November 30.


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Tigres and Magallanes hope to have their big leagues