This was the embarrassing launch of Conor McGregor in the Cubs game

That he better dedicate himself to fights and not to pitch in baseball, the fighter of the UFC, Conor McGregor, made an embarrassing pitch on the first ball prior to the game between the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins.

The superstar of the UFC, Conor McGregor, has a little fun in his spare time, therefore, he was invited by the Chicago Cubs to throw the first ball of the game before Minnesota.

Everything seemed normal, the cameras were ready, the reflectors above the Irishman and the cell phones in video mode to record the moment.

It was then that Conor mcgregor He put his on the pitcher’s mound and readied his arm to send the first ball to the pitcher.

What they did not have was the bad arm that the fighter of the UFC, his launch was very bad, without direction or coordination, which caused a couple of laughs from the audience. The video was quickly shared on social media and criticism rained down on the McGregor.


Conor underwent medical surgery after fracturing his ankle on Saturday night, the operation was a success and the outlook looks a bit encouraging for McGregor.

The recovery time will be six months, in that period an orthopedic doctor will be monitoring the injury and will report to the UFC to know the date of McGregor’s return.

It began to speculate that it could be in January 2022 when the Irishman is available. But, it could be a little longer, this because the UFC will look for a rival for him and the negotiations could take longer than planned.

Therefore, Conor McGregor will have a long recovery and surely on his return he will seek revenge against Dustin Poirier.

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