This pitcher would be the hidden gem in the Yankees

No. I am not here to talk about Jasson Domínguez, although very soon we will have a special with “El Marciano”, but I want to tell you about a pitcher who could become a pleasant surprise in the Bronx Bombers as soon as this season. .

Hey Jimmy Cordero! Signed as a free agent by the Yankees on December 15, 2021. The right-hander born in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic, began his professional career with the Toronto Blue Jays organization, a team that signed him as an amateur in January 2012.

Then the Canadians traded him to Philadelphia in 2015, to then be traded in 2016 to the Nationals, a team with whom he would see his Major League debut in 2018. The Blue Jays themselves got him back in 2019 and with them he had action in the Seniors, but that would be a crazy season for the Quisqueyan because he would go through three franchises in the same year (Mariners and White Sox with whom he played in 2019 and 2020).

His numbers for life do not say about his quality. Three wins and five losses with a 4.55 ERA are far from what Cordero can do. A Tommy John operation has left him out of the field since 2020 (season affected by the pandemic) but the sinker that this young man has and which he throws at almost 98 miles per hour, a pitch he uses 59% of the time, is to flatter

Let us remember the case of Clay Holmes the last contest and other names that have surprised. Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake has shown he can work with these cases.

The sinker is not his only weapon. His fastball is 98 mph, his slider hits 92 mph, and his changeup is almost 89 mph. Oh wait… I forgot to tell you that it also does very sharp curves at 84 mph.

What changes must Cordero make to be successful?

The data indicates that when he throws more of his sinker combined with the switch, his effectiveness improves a lot. He must also throw his fastball and when to throw it. For a reliever, having so many pitches can be a double-edged sword, but it is up to the Bombers’ coaches to ensure that this young man, with a repertoire of these dimensions, can get the best of himself and achieve the desired success. .

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This pitcher would be the hidden gem in the Yankees