This is how the playoffs go and the fight for the Major League wild cards

What a cardiac finale awaits us with the last days of the regular season in the Major Leagues and the fight for the last tickets of the playoffs.

Where do we start? Let’s start first with what is already certain: teams with tickets to the post-season.

At the moment these are the qualified teams …

American league

  • Tampa Bay (Eastern Champions)
  • White Sox (Center champions)
  • Astros (Western champions)
  • Wild Card 1 (pending)
  • Wild Card 2 (pending)

National League

  • Braves (Eastern champions)
  • Milwaukee (Center champions)
  • Western Champions (Dodgers / Giants)
  • Wild Card 1 (Dodgers / Giants)
  • Cardinals (wild card 2)

Note: everything ready in the National only pending the outcome of the fight between the Giants and the Dodgers for the pennant of the West and the general leadership of the league. In the Americana it is tasty….

And in the American, this is the fight for the wild card …

American league

  • Yankees (+2)
  • Red Sox (0)
  • Sailors (0)
  • Tiles (-1)

The Yankees took off with their sweep against the Red Sox and two wins against the Blue Jays, but they have a very difficult series ahead of them against Tampa.

Red Sox with the easiest schedule could not with Orioles and lives against Nationals.

Mariners and Blue Jays for the surprise. Incredible thing, and not very difficult, if certain results are given, the four could end up tied:

And these are the playoff series confirmed at the moment …

American league

  • Tampa Bay vs Wild Card (Yankees or Blue Jays or Mariners or Red Sox)
  • Astros vs White Sox

National League

  • West (Dodgers or Giants) vs Wild Card (Dodgers or Giants or Cardinals)
  • Braves vs Brewers