This is how the Draft of Rule 5 remained, by selection

The minor league phase of the Rule 5 Draft has ended. The full results are below.

There was no major league phase, since all transactions in the majors are frozen until a new Collective Labor Agreement is agreed.

Without the entire Major League being in one place, another change in this year’s event is that it took place via teleconference.

The Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft may be rescheduled for when there is a new agreement.

Although in the Major League phase – in which players who are not on the roster of 40 are taken to give them another chance in the majors – it is where historically the most results have been seen (Josh Hamilton and Mexico’s Joakim Soria are two examples), talent worthy of the Big Top can be found in the other stages of the event, although these selections usually do not pay off as quickly.

Last year’s Rule 5 draft was particularly successful, with several minor league picks reaching the highest level – even one (D-backs’ Tyler Gilbert) threw a no-hitter.

How do the phases vary?
In the Major League phase, any player who is not on the roster of 40 and who needed to be protected can be taken. For this year, international firms and players selected from high school in the 2017 Amateur Draft – assuming the player was 18 years old or younger on June 8 of that year – had to be protected. A college player selected in 2018 falls under the same category.

In the minor league phase, any unprotected player on Triple-A’s 38 roster from that same group can be taken. Any team with a full 38 Triple-A roster is not allowed to make any selections, but the other teams can make as many picks as they like until they reach 38.

That is not to say that, unlike the Major League phase, a selected player has to stay at that level. If a team picks a player in the minor league phase, it costs $ 24,500, which is paid to the original club. The selection team can send that player to the level they want.

1. Orioles: Nolan hoffman, RHP (Mariners)
2. Pirates: Zach Matson, LZ (Rockies)
3. Nationals: Andrew Young, 2B (D-backs)
4. Marlins: Charles Leblanc, SS (Giants)
5. Cubs: Conner Menez, LZ (Giants)
6. Rockies: Gabriel Rodríguez, LZ (Braves)
7. Tigers: Elvis Alvarado, RHP (Mariners)
8. Angels: Kenneth Rosenberg, LZ (Rays)
9. Mets: Alex Valverde, RHP (Rays)
10. Parents: Grant Gavin, RHP (Royals)
11. Guardians: Erik Sabrowski, LZ (Parents)
12. Phillies: Matt Seelinger, RHP (Giants)
13. Reds: Ronnie Dawson, OF (Astros)
14. Athletics: Gabriel Maciel, OF (Twins)
15. Braves: John Nogowski, 1B (Giants)
16. Mariners: Tanner Kirwer, OF (Blue Jays)
17. Cardinals: Ben Deluzio, OF (D-backs)
18. Blue Jays: Abdiel Mendoza, RHP (Rangers)
19. Red Sox: Austin Lambright, LZ (Royals)
20. Yankees: Steven Jennings, RHP (Pirates)
21. White Sox: Moisés Castillo, SS (Cardinals)
22. Brewers: Caleb Boushley, RHP (Padres)
23. Astros: Rubén García, RHP (Tigers)
24. Dodgers: Kekai Ríos, C (Brewers)
25. Giants: Michael Gigliotti, OF (Rays)

1. Orioles: Cole Uvila, RHP (Rangers)
2. Pirates: Nick Laio, RHP (Rangers)
3. Nationals: Curtis Taylor, RHP (Blue Jays)
4. Marlins: Robert Garcia, RHP (Royals)
5. Tigers: Nick Kuzia, RHP (Padres)
6. Mets: Carlos Ocampo, RHP (Cubs)
7. Keepers: Brett Daniels, RHP (Astros)
8. Athletics: Vince Fernández, OF (Giants)
9. Braves: Luis De Ávila, RHP (Royals)
10. Mariners: Walking Cabrera, OF (Rockies)
11. Cardinals: Carlos Guarate, RHP (Padres)
12. Red Sox: Brian Keller, RHP (Yankees)
13. Yankees: Manny Ramirez, RHP (Astros)
14. Dodgers: Carson Fulmer, RHP (Reds)

1. Pirates: Jacob González, 3B (Giants)
2. Nationals: Matt Brill, RHP (D-backs)
3. Marlins: Cobie Vance, 2B (Athletics)
4. Braves: Allan Winans, RHP (Mets)
5. Mariners: Tommy Wilson, RHP (Mets)
6. Cardinals: Jonah Davis, OF (Pirates)
7. Dodgers: Jon Duplantier, RHP (Giants)

1. Nationals: Dakody Clemmer, RHP (Keepers)
2. Marlins: Laurbert Arias, RHP (Padres)
3. Braves: Tanner Andrews, RHP (Marlins)
4. Cardinals: Nelfri Contreras, LZ (Dodgers)

1. Marlins: Carlos Santiago, SS (Dodgers)


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This is how the Draft of Rule 5 remained, by selection