This is how Aaron Judge’s 2022 season with the Yankees would be projected

The gardener Aaron Judge In the season 2022 will play his seventh year with the Yankees from New York and then we show you how it could go in terms of numbers to this player in the aforementioned course of the Major League Baseball – MLB.

According to projections of Baseball Reference for season 2022, Aaron Judge He would already know the numbers he will put in the aforementioned Major League Baseball harvest, where he will once again be one of the fundamental pillars of the New York Yankees and where, in addition, there is still talk of a possible millionaire contract extension for the outfielder.

At the age of 30, Judge will play his seventh year in the MLB, where he will seek to continue being one of the best players in baseball, something that the players surely want. Yankees since he is one of the main faces of this organization and according to what is projected for 2022, the outfielder looks to have a campaign of more than 450 official at-bats with the “Mules”.

Possible numbers of “The Judge” for 2022:

  • Plate appearances: 547
  • Shifts: 475
  • Hits: 129
  • Scored: 79
  • Doubles: 21
  • Triple: 1
  • Home runs: 30
  • Towed: 77
  • Bases stolen: 5
  • Tickets: 63
  • Strikeouts: 145
  • Average: .272
  • OBP .360
  • SLG: .509
  • OPS: .869
  • Total bases 242

In relation to his numbers in 2021, this projection would be lower for the Yankees outfielder, however, they are attractive figures and to which he really has us accustomed in his career in the Big leagues. Also, if so, he would be reaching his third season in the best baseball in the world with 30 or more home runs.

With that possible performance in 2022, Aaron Judge would be reaching with the Yankees the round figure of 700 hits for life in the MLB, a really important number for any player.

Your numbers for life

Since debuting in 2016, Aaron Judge has 572 games played, 571 hits, 158 home runs, 366 RBIs, 402 runs scored, 24 stolen bases, AVG of .276, OBP of .386, OPS of .940, SLG of .533. and a 26.4 WAR.

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This is how Aaron Judge’s 2022 season with the Yankees would be projected