THIRD CUBAN in history: Yuli Gurriel drove again in the World Series

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

The Fall Classic continues to give us exciting moments and Cubans continue to be the protagonists of this World Series that is being very close, as expected in advance.

The spiritian Yulieski Gurriel, who is still in good offensive form, drove in his team’s sixth run, grounding for the third with men in the corners, one of them, compatriot Yordan Álvarez, who had received his second walk in the series and was on third base. .

On the count of a no-ball strike, reliever Dylan Lee, after a first straight pitch at 92 MPH, tried to knock the Astros first baseman out of the way with a gear change to 86.7 miles in the low zone and really did it. The Cuban released a bruise for the third, which seemed to have a lot of potential to become a double play, but the pressure with which it is played is great and shortstop Ozzie Albies dropped the ball when he received it from third baseman.

At first glance it seemed that the ball had landed on the pivot, so Martín Maldonado, who was running towards intermediate, had to be put out, but the referee called safe, a decision that Albies immediately claimed, in the same way, Yordan’s score did not had discussion.

The replay showed that the Braves shortstop never had real possession of the ball and therefore, the play stayed safe in second, scoring an error for Ozzie and Yuli was in first by selection play and with an RBI to his record , putting the board six runs by two.

For Yuli it was his first trailer in this World Series, number 9 in this postseason and 34 of his career in these instances, likewise, with his unstoppable first inning he reached 67, in both departments, he is the maximum Cuban accumulator. Likewise, he scored his 25th career, also a leader among all the players on the island and played his 69th game; no one born in our land has played more games than he.

In addition, this was his 10th career RBI in his career in World Series games, after accumulating another four in 2017 and five in 2019, being the third Cuban player to reach this figure in Las Mayores history, equaling José. Canseco and only one of the leader, Tony Pérez (11).

Without further ado, enjoy the play and remember that you can see all the videos of the Cuban players by following this link.

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THIRD CUBAN in history: Yuli Gurriel drove again in the World Series