“They told me: the ball is over for you” CONFESSED star of Industriales about a traumatic event in his life

By Migue Guerra

One of the most important figures in the Industriales teams was the special guest in our Night Show on May 7, 2021. We are talking about the stellar former third baseman from the capital Lázaro Vargas, who shared several personal memories and sports anecdotes with the entire public Complete Swing follower.

As is customary in our live spaces, one of our followers had the magnificent opportunity to enter the show and talk directly with Vargas, an opportunity that he did not miss and asked the blue star several very interesting questions.

Among these questions, the curiously namesake of Lázaro Vargas asked him about one of the saddest experiences of his sports career:

What did you feel when you got injured going home in that Industriales game that injured your knee, and Álvarez Cambras’s son told you that you weren’t going to play any more ball because of that injury and when he came from Russia he found you almost ready?

“First I felt the biggest pain of my life, that’s a pretty sad story for me because I went through a lot to get back to the ball, I went through a lot in a very short time because I came back in a year, mind you, but I went through a lot in that time.”

“I remember that when I came out of rehabilitation, rehabilitation was very tough, the doctors told me that I was no longer going to play ball.”

“They told me: Vargas is over the ball for you, this is over, it will even be hard for you to walk well; I told them: look, that’s fine, but I’m going to go back to the field, if this starts again, well I already know that it can’t be done, but from here I’m not going to say I can’t, I’m going to go back to the field. I’m going to run again, I’m going to do it again. “

You said: you have to give me a break (reference to pause or rest), because I got injured playing for Industriales.

“That was later, because I remember that Chávez himself, that man who had so much confidence in me, at that moment in the middle that he lost it due to my injury. So what I was saying was: I was not injured in a domestic accident, I was not partying, I was injured playing ball, giving everything for my team, so I think I deserve to be given one more chance … those were my words. “

Find out all the words of Lázaro Vargas in the following video:

Here you can enjoy the Full Show:

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