They stopped paying a prominent former Industriales player for his stay abroad

By SwingCompleto /

It doesn’t matter how much history and results you have. The INDER law to stimulate retired or active Cuban medalists remains unchanged when more than a month passes without an official link with the body that governs the sport in Cuba.

That is why the capital entity temporarily suspended from August the collection of the prominent former player of Industriales Rudy reyes, who has been visiting the United States for three months.

Although by Cuban civil laws, the four-time national champion and member of the Cuba team on multiple occasions may be out of his country of origin for a period of up to two years (in times of pandemic the term was unlimited), for INDER the Cuban athletes only have one month to be completely disconnected.

Explaining it better for those who have long been disconnected with this type of system, so that an athlete has the right to collect the value of the world, Olympic or Pan American medals, he cannot be more than 30 days without having to fulfill some type of work subject to the Sports Institute.

In other words, it is not only about traveling outside of Cuba, but being inside the island you also have to be registered as a worker in an area or position that is related to INDER.

In the case of Rudy, he charged up to 150 CUC for being world champion (2005) while the currency was not unified, which later resulted in the change to the CUP with an increase in value in correspondence with the mechanism implemented by the communist government.

This type of salary stimulation is not considered as a retirement in itself, which does not officially apply until after the age of 60. In the latter case, they do have the right to receive the amount that the athlete has accumulated while maintaining their Cuban resident status.

In theory, access to retirement money would only cease in the event of resignation, loss of resident status and of course if death occurs.

Regarding who was considered by many at the time as the best utility of Cuban baseball, he has already been in other opportunities in North American territory and now he is sharing with former teammates and friends in general within the provisions of immigration regulations from Cuba and the United States.

Although the measure of the INDER of Havana was carried out in correspondence with the aforementioned rule, it is still something extremely ridiculous that has been happening since the opening of tourism trips for those affiliated with the Cuban sports movement almost ago. one of each.

The account that the managers and officials who invented the law or who have maintained it without any real interest in modifying it do not get, is that all those athletes who today try to take advantage of certain opportunities to improve their economy and that of their family, did much more of everything what they have received monetarily speaking throughout their athletic career.

To make matters worse, we are not even talking about an amount of weight, because not even being a multi-Olympic champion had the right to go beyond 300 CUC because those who came up with the good idea of ​​paying for these medals only allowed it to be charged for a single one. Therefore, a trimonarch in summer appointments like Teófilo Stevenson received the same as volleyball players or players who spent all their time on the bench on the occasion that they attended the ecumenical event.

The last official work of Rudy within INDER was his assistance as coach of Industriales in the 60th National Series and the direction of Arroyo Naranjo in the capital tournament, where by the way, he won the crown for two consecutive years.

According to a source close to officials of the Capital Sports Directorate, the institution has no objection to returning to the 2006 World Classic subtitler access to the collection of his world medal, as long as he is back in Cuba and linked to some work under the mantle of the organism.