They search for the whereabouts in Miami of the star former Cuban player Oscar Macías

The sports environment Full swing published a note this Monday asking for help to find the whereabouts of the former Cuban player in Miami Oscar Macias, who had an outstanding career in baseball in Cuba, but faced several adversities after his arrival in the US that led him to a regrettable situation.

“Swing Completo makes a call to those who have recent information about Macías, more than for the fact of locating him and knowing in what real conditions he is, to try to help him among those who are interested in getting out of the very complex social slump in which he has been involved. this great of Cuban baseball “, says the newspaper.

As the digital medium recalls, Macías reached stellar planes of Cuban baseball demonstrating his great ability to hit, earning a place in the national team as second baseman, despite coinciding with other prominent figures in that position such as Antonio Pacheco, Juan Padilla and Yobal Dueñas.

He left Cuba at the age of 34 in a boat, with the intention of reaching the United States Major Leagues (MLB). He had been sanctioned and excluded from the national team that would participate in the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo in 2003, although he showed offensive records that included 286 homers, almost 2,000 hits (1960), more than a thousand RBIs (1080) and an average of 310.

However, the native of Güira de Melena, Artemisa province, could not get a contract even in the Minor Leagues, and soon began to accumulate personal problems that would later bring legal consequences.

Sources close to the former player and former teammates told the aforementioned media that Macías had to serve a prison sentence for beating his wife. The explosive character of the former athlete was combined with the consumption of narcotics. After leaving prison, he was unable to find work.

“For approximately five years the only news that has been had of the stellar Cuban ex-battler is that he has been seen wandering the streets of Miami in the purest style of a homeless (beggar). Until recently, he used to fight in a barbershop where he went once a month as clean and decent as possible, and then resume his unfortunate daily life asking for charity from those who saw him out there ”, the article refers.

“Not even figures close to Macías such as José Ibar, Pedro Luis Rodríguez, Neylán Molina or Juan Carlos Millán have recent details about him, either where to find him or how he is physically,” he adds.

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