The Urías brothers shine in MLB, but they never talk about baseball

Luis assures that he has a very close relationship with Ramón, but they prefer not to touch the subject of the diamond, to be able to clear their mind

The brothers Luis and Ramón Urías, Mexican players who play in Milwaukee and Baltimore respectively, when they talk to each other, put aside the issue of baseball to rest from the diamond, according to Luis Urías exclusively for ESPN.

The least of the Uriah live a dream season with the Brewers, a team in which he has accumulated 18 home runs this season, while the older brother who plays as an infielder in Orioles, it has also become a terror for pitchers.

“Very proud of my brother, I think that to date I am happier when he does better things than me, when he hits a home run or something like that, I am excited to see him fulfill his dreams and I say that it is mutual, he also loves it. excited that I am fulfilling my dreams, and our relationship is very close, but the truth is, we never talk about baseball, we hardly touch that subject and I think it’s a good thing to clear the mind“he mentioned Luis Urias.

‘Wicho’ currently shines on Milwaukee, where he has almost 100 hits in the season, 18 of which have been home runs. What he lives now was the fruit of work and persistence, especially after between 2018 and 2019 with Parents, he did not find a way to exploit his skills from his first calls. However, in Brewers with more experience he has been improving with the bat and the glove.

“It’s part of the process, especially in my first opportunities, when I was with San Diego, sometimes it gets complicated, you can’t find a way to get the result, how to be successful and obviously those times are a little bit of pressure. But at the end of everything I like to see it as a game, not to make it so difficult, not to make it so difficult but to enjoy it, I say that this is what has helped me to do what I have always done, which is to play baseball, that helps me much to think that it is a game and that I have to enjoy it as when I was a child “.

“I would say that I am very happy with Milwaukee Brewers, they have given me a lot of opportunity, I am very grateful to them and at the end of everything, everything happens for a reason, God puts you in the perfect place, at the right time and I am very grateful to be here with them. Brewers“, he indicated.

Uriah has responded to him in the campaign Big leagues to manager Craig Counsell, and has as a priority to have health to be able to offer his best performance in an armed team to fight in the Fall Classic,

“I think it has been a year in which I am very grateful to the organization of Brewers which has given me the opportunity to be in the team first, obviously because being the opportunity to play short stop, sometimes second base, sometimes third base, I think it’s something to be grateful for, obviously thanks to God, to the team He has done very well, we have been winning several games and we are in first place with a month to go to the end of the season and that is a good thing, obviously the goal is to win the World Series, but for now, finish strong and in good health right now ” .

“I say we have an extremely strong team to compete at the World Series level, I hope we all stay healthy and we don’t have those injury problems that sometimes affect a team, but obviously our pitchers have been incredible and I hope they are healthy. to be able to go very far, “he concluded Luis Urias.