The Red Sox transformation has a first and last name: Chaim Bloom

It only took the manager two years for his decisions to lead the Boston team to play for a spot in the World Series.

After two disappointing seasons, Boston Red Sox is again at the gates of a World Series, after having defeated the best team of the regular season, Tampa Bay Rays. The “red-leggedWill have their hands full when they face Houston Astros on the Championship Series of the American league, but if this team has proven something, it is that they can never be considered defeated before the games are over, regardless of the rival.

After winning the World Series In 2018, Boston was third in 2019 and had no opportunity to compete within the division. Then came the suspension of Alex Cora, which left the team in an uncomfortable situation for the 2020 campaign.

The team finished in last place last year, in a particular season, the Red Sox they looked extremely bad during the 60 series regular games. The poor performance was combined with the departure of Mookie betts via change, like that of David price, two of the essential pieces in the 2018 championship, as well as problems with a high payroll whose purification was necessary and mandatory, made the whole a disaster impossible to follow.

In the midst of all the chaos, the name of Chaim bloom was in the center. A manager hired from the offices of the Rays, a market very different from that of Boston, with the mission of cleaning up the payroll, significantly improving a minor league system of the worst of the MLB.

Bloom did something that seemed impossible. Face serious problems in a team to make it competitive, greatly improve the minor league branches of Boston and bring together a group of players who have been decisive so that the Red Sox are today four victories away from another trip to the World Series in just two years.

The great architect of the Red Sox changed the identity of the team, little by little, reappointed to Alex Cora as manager, achieving perhaps the best free agent signing last offseason, Hunter renfroeas well as a player of the caliber of Kyle schwarber on the deadline for changes.

In a sport where rebuilds take time and it takes different parts, as well as time, to make everything fit together, it’s surprising how Bloom he built a team that finished among the season’s offensive leaders with a .261 batting average and .777 OPS.

The things have gone to him to ask of mouth to Chaim bloom in 2021, when it didn’t seem like the Red Sox they would have a great year. The transformation of the squad is notorious and great things await in the future of Boston hand in hand with your manager. If they make it to the World Series or even win it, much will be due to what he did since he joined the team.