The Race of Legendary Pitcher Sandy Koufax

One of the legends that have passed within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization has been the pitcher Sandy Koufax, that this next December 30 will be 86 years old.

The current member of the hall of fame was throughout his career (1955-1966) at the head of the Dodgers organization. Koufax in his twelve seasons in 2,324 innings, accumulated a record of 165-87, an ERA of 2.76, with 1754 hits, 817 walks, 2396 strikeouts, a WHIP of 1.11, an adjusted earned run average (ERA +) of 131, a independent pitching (FIP) of 2.69. Plus a dominance against opposition hitters averaging .205 / .275 / .319 / .594 OPS.

“The Left Arm of God” amassed an impressive 53.1 WAR and a cumulative WPA of 34.0 during his career. He also participated in 6 all-star games, won the triple crown three times (1963, 1965 and 1966), three times the cy young award (1963, 1965 and 1966), most valuable player (1963), four world series rings (1955 , 1959, 1963 and 1965) and twice the most valuable of the world series (1963 and 1965).

Koufax where he demonstrated an impressive dominance and put him among the best pitchers of his time was in his last six seasons (1961-1966) that in 1632.2 innings, he accumulated a record of 129-47, only allowing 398 runs, 1171 hits, he gave 412 walks, 1713 strikeouts, an excellent 2.19 ERA, plus a 0.97 WHIP, thus achieving an adjusted earned run average (ERA +) of 156. He also had the opposition dominated, who only hit .197 / .249 / .293 and a .594 OPS, undoubtedly the best of his entire career in the majors.

During that 1961-1966 stint, he managed to rack up a 53.1 WAR, a 34.0 wpa, and a 2.16 independent pitching (FIP).

Postseason and World Series

If you look at his career he has pitched in four world series (1959, 1963, 1965 and 1966) and in 53 innings, he had a 4-3 record, he only allowed 6 runs, 11 walks, 61 strikeouts, an impressive 0.95 ERA. , a WHIP of 0.83 and a cumulative adjusted probability of winning (WPA) of 1.51. At that stage he was twice the most valuable in the world series (1963 and 1965).

In conclusion, without a doubt Sandy Koufax not only had a legendary career in the dodgers team, but in the big leagues, where he proved to be a pitcher star and in history he is already among those iconic baseball glories and without a doubt a career. worthy of knowing and admiring.

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The Race of Legendary Pitcher Sandy Koufax