The next President of the Federation … “Yovani Aragón Rodríguez?”

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We reached the third of the candidates who have managed internally to occupy the presidency of the Cuban Baseball Federation: the former pitcher Yovani Aragón Rodríguez, who served as the National Director of the discipline and has been for years as vice president of the FCB.

As we have clarified before with Germán Mesa and Pedro Medina, this analysis is based on the consensus of opinions both at the popular level and internally, logically providing the criteria of the Complete Swing team.

It is also important to take into account that this position is based on a request from the Cuban Olympic Committee and INDER to the highest governmental authorities of the country, which then ratify or not these proposals based on certain factors handled by those officials that could perfectly include the very same Miguel Díaz Canel-Bermúdez. After that step and as we said from the letter on Germán, the candidates are voted within the National Commission and the Federation among all those who are part of the executive leadership.

Let us then go on to x-ray the “man orchestra”:

Yovani Aragon: He was a pitcher with very good results since the mid-nineties that opened the doors of the main national team on some occasions, such as 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2003. He is among the best pitchers of Sancti Spíritus in National Series. Despite having had very good performances with his ability to strike out and exercise very good dominance, along with some other relevant international work, many mock him for the home run of a Russian batter in the 2003 World Cup. to the Gallos, and his sentimental union with the daughter of the official Luis Cartón opened doors for him in the offices of the Latin American stadium where he was appointed National Baseball Director for three years, as well as Vice President of the FCB, a position he has held until today.

For as President: His experience in management positions is the best thing he has going for him, something that favors him because he knows many who will remain around him, and he knows how all the mechanisms work, in addition to having established certain international links that could help him to time to secure agreements for individual contracts and options for caps and training bases. Sometimes he is willing to lead certain initiatives.

Against as President: A lot actually. He’s not popular with a notable percentage of those who would be subordinate, and he’s not popular with players, coaches, journalists, and fans either. His management as Commissioner was negative in a large number of aspects in the opinion of the majority. He is too accommodating to bosses even when it comes to something unfair or absurd. In reality, many times he shows a high degree of commitment and in others his capacity does not give him to realize the problems or solutions, or to defend the criterion that is more attached to reality with his superiors. In addition, it does not have a methodology to generally assimilate criticism, including direct criticism. He does not have enough intelligence to undertake negotiations with foreign entities, much less MLB, apart from his lack of knowledge of how the entire league market moves on fundamental issues.

The weight of the scale: Possibly the candidate with the most weight of negativity compared to your skills. What is pointed out in his favor is even quite relative, and in any case he ends up giving in to the large number of disadvantages that the man of Cuban baseball would have for the world.

What does he say ?: You will always agree based on your personal and professional ambitions. He has never said no to all the positions that have been proposed to him and ascending beyond the vice-presidency of the FCB remains an aspiration for him.

Aragon President: There are those who say that it may be an even worse stage than the previous one, since the level of commitment with those “above” would be the same as always, with an equally limited empathy with many of their co-workers, in addition to a damaged image before public opinion and many players, coaches and journalists. To this would be added a lower level of international relations, an aspect of consideration, and also a more deficient organization than what happened previously. He would be a president with less organizational capacity, analysis and many other things, and also less intelligence, manners, presence and professionalism compared to Higinio, and much less if he is thrown with other names that are shuffled for the position. Of course, there could be more unfortunate proposals if we elaborate a very massive list according to the criteria of everyone, but in which not only Full Swing is handled internally, but also the current members of the FCB and the National Baseball Directorate place it as the worst possible option for these reasons stated here, and many more.

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