The MUCH behind these Cuban pitchers and their new litmus test COMING SOON

By Yasel Porto

Only a deluded person could deny that Cuban baseball today is full of difficulties, many of which are reflected in the National Series and the national team with the migratory component as one of the most pressing.

But on this Caribbean island there is something that is still very solid and that is undoubtedly the best thing about the so-called national sport, which prevents the word crisis from being used in a general way.

I am talking about natural talent that is evidenced not so much by the number of children who stand out for their conditions and results in their categories, but by what happens years later when we see many of them hired by the best clubs in the world. And several of them achieve the main objective of reaching and succeeding for a while in the most important levels.

The protagonists of the cover photo today are part of the group of those who are excited about the future for what they have done and are doing, both their results and the conditions that they show in the area that has left Cuba with less success in the ball first-rank professional, as is the case of pitching.

Recently the well-known sports journalist Pavel Otero was in Santa Clara and was impressed by these three children, and he left it on his official Facebook page. And beyond their talent, now they will have a great responsibility in a very short time that many will be aware of for what it means even for an entire country.

“These are the three main pitchers that Santa Clara has to represent Cuba in the Little League Caribbean Tournament. Their names: William Álvarez, Elvis Herrera and Christian Aguilera (z). The three shoot 70 miles, which is like throwing 95 for adults,” Otero wrote on his wall after an extensive tour of the center of the Island that served to get closer to places, tournaments and figures (coaches, activists and players from different ages) that keep Cuban baseball alive.

The event will be held next June in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and it will be a new opportunity for Cuban baseball to debut in the famous Little League World Series that is held every August in Williamsport, United States. .

Elvis Herrera was the most valuable in the national final in Bayamo

“The three of them are extremely talented, and they have had an excellent year that has them almost on equal terms in terms of their level. Elvis was the most important player in the final in Bayamo with that tremendous pitching after they tied us. That day he struck out six and to top it off he is also a great hitter. In that final he hit three home runs, two doubles and finished a total of 5-5».

But this member of the group who preferred that his name remain anonymous, stressed that William and Christian also deserve to be recognized as part. “Not only do they have tremendous speed and command, but Christian for a left-hander has great control. Without them we would not have been able to win the championship and qualify for the Dominican Republic.”

Likewise, this coach insisted that there are position players who could become impact figures in the future. These are the cases, among others, of Andy Sarduy Jr. and Jean Cárdenas, who stood out in the national competition concluded in April.

Now the entire group, which has trained at the Augusto César Sandino and Sandinito stadiums, will have a new litmus test in Quisqueyan lands where only the champion will have the right to get a ticket to the traditional final in the United States. From 2023 Cuba would have the right to attend directly at the end of its domestic contest.

It is worth remembering that unlike other tournaments, the Little League regulations are not at the level of national teams but of municipal teams. Additions to the roster beyond those who participated in the original event are not allowed.

We would like to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this remarkable material

The MUCH behind these Cuban pitchers and their new litmus test COMING SOON