The Most Unexpected World Series Winners of the 21st Century

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The World Series it does not have any type of comparison with other events in the sport. After a 162-game marathon regular season, two squads face off in search of a place in immortality as one of the all-time champions.

The “Fall Classic”Is a setting where heroes, villains, legends and surprises are born from each of the players who go out on the field in search of the champions trophy.

What happens in a World Series It can have effects that last over time, especially when unsuspected teams, against all kinds of odds, manage to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to end up defeating the big favorites. Dreams (and nightmares) come true in this “Cinderella“Or”David vs. Goliath”, In which a team is unexpectedly crowned champion, when it was thought that it would have no chance at all.

The World Series has given several moments like this, so ESPN Digital has made the list of some of the most unexpected champions in the history of the event.


This was a World Series that he had absolutely everything. Two teams trying to break long droughts without championships, a game seven that had to be decided in extra innings and was stopped because of the rain and a champion who returned from the gates of elimination after overcoming a deficit of three games over one. .

The Cubs 2016 were a great squad that won 103 games, but given the team’s history in the postseason and the fact that they had not won a championship for 108 years, added to the fact that Cleveland Indians took a comfortable advantage (which he ended up wasting), they make the championship of Chicago, one of the most unexpected in recent history.


American League Championship Series against their biggest rivals, down three games to none, three outs from being eliminated and having to face the most dominant closer in the history of the MLB, Mariano rivera, the Red Sox of 2004 they accomplished something that simply could not be replicated.

More than the difficulty of the World Series, where the team easily dominated in four games an excellent set of St. Louis Cardinals, the way the Red Sox They reached it is what marks the surprise of the triumph.

Boston classified as Wild card, had to face the divisional champions of the West of the American league, Anaheim Angels (Los Angeles Angels), sweeping said team in the Divisional Series.

They then went on to face the best team in baseball in 2004, New York Yankes, on the Championship Series, overcome being under three games against zero and on top of it, break decades of frustrations and the “Curse of the Bambino”To become champions for the first time in 86 years.


The Nationals they had never reached a World Series (not even when they were Montreal Expos) and to win it, they had to eliminate the two best teams of the 2019 season of Big leagues, Los angeles dodgers and Houston Astros.

Starting with the fact that Nationals classified as Wild card and they had to eliminate Milwaukee Brewers, to gain the right to face the Dodgers, who won 106 games that year, in the Divisional Series and then risk your life against the Cardinals on the Championship Series, you can see how complicated the road is for a team where its main figure was 20 years old at that time (Juan Soto).

Arrival the World Series, Washington took a two-win lead against the winningest team of the year in MLB, which he lost and was seen playing a game six playing as a visitor and facing a possible elimination. The Nationals, against all odds, they managed to force a game seven and take the win against some Astros who won 107 games in 2019.


The Angels (then in Anaheim) finished the 2001 season 41 games behind their division leaders and with only three postseason appearances in 41 years of history by then, no one believed it possible that the Californian team had one. World Series in your immediate future.

2002 was a total turn of the page and a dream come true for the Angels. They achieved 99 victories, the all-time high for the franchise and immediately had to face the Yankees on the Divisional Series, who came from a World Series and they had beaten them in four of seven games that year.

The Angels they dispatched the Yankees in four encounters and then proceeded to face Minnesota Twins on the Championship Series, whom they defeated in five games to face the San Francisco Giants from Barry bonds.

They trailed three games to two and were losing five runs to zero in the sixth inning of game six, but from there, they outnumbered the Giants, 10 runs over one, in the last two games to win the only championship in its history.


Imagine reaching the World Series to face the three-time champions and last dynasty of baseball, the Yankees from Joe Torre. That was the big stone in the shoe of Arizona Diamondbacks during the World Series 2001.

Despite having a strong starting rotation, led by Randy johnson and Curt schilling, there was no doubt that the Yankees they were the big favorites to win their fourth online championship.

Arizona took advantage of two games against zero, but some fierce Yankees they won three consecutive games, including two that were defined in extra innings, forcing the “Dbacks”To work hard in their last two meetings to achieve glory.

During game seven, Arizona came in losing in the ninth by one run, but scored twice against Mariano rivera, courtesy of Tony womack and of Luis Gonzalez, who fired the hit that left the “Bronx bombers”.


Chicago White Sox from 2005, St. Louis Cardinals 2006 and 2011.

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The Most Unexpected World Series Winners of the 21st Century