THE LONGEST HOME of the year for Cuba is Soler’s, personal brand included

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

The power of Jorge Soler It is unquestionable, his extraordinary strength leads him to hit huge hits over and over again. His home runs are anything but common and he becomes a real sight when he makes the ball cry by sending it over the fence at impressive distances.

It is no coincidence that 23 of his 26 home runs this season are hits from beyond 400 feet, and he has even hit four doubles and a fly out that exceeds that distance. But what was achieved on the night of this Thursday, September 30, goes much further.

Until the previous day, the maximum length reached by “El Crudo” this year had been 449 feet, also being the longest connection achieved by this tough slugger since 2019, when, on August 3 of that year, before Kyle Gibson of the Minnesota Twins sent her to travel to 465 feet, setting a new personal best.

In a decisive series for the Braves, facing the Phillies, on the low of the same first inning, with no outs and a maximum count of three balls and two strikes, Soler took all his power and with an impact of 112.1 MPH of exit speed and a perfect angle of 26 degrees, the Cuban punished a 92-mile cut fastball that stayed too far to the center and sent it, precisely, up to 465 feet through left center field.

The hit was beautiful, the outfielders did not move and only observed the invariable path of a ball that, since it came out, did not fit inside the stadium. Jorge Soler not only managed to equal the longest connection of his entire career, but it became the longest home run of the season for a Cuban, breaking the 460 achieved by Yunito Gurriel on September 12 against Baltimore.

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The clash, at the end of this note, was 1 × 0 in favor of Atlanta in the bottom of the third, in a game that could well be worth the division title for the Braves. Soler leaves his offensive line with his current team at (272/357/520/877), much higher than the one shown in the season total (223/316/429/745) (AVE / OBP / SLG / OPS) ; evidence of the tremendous upturn he has had since arriving in Atlanta.

Soler also reached his 13th home run with the Braves, in just 54 games, equaling the number achieved with the Royals, but in 94 games. He also reached 32 trailers, five of those achieved in Kansas, while unstoppable, he is just four (59 by 55).

Without further ado, enjoy this huge hit and remember that you can see all the videos of the Cuban players by following this link.