The Latin American Stadium will be administered by ‘forms of non-state management’

The new national commissioner of baseball, Juan Reinaldo Pérez, announced that the Latin American Stadium in Havana, flagship park of the cuban ball and headquarters of the Industrials of the capital, It will be administered by “non-state management forms”, as the authorities describe private businesses authorized by the Government.

During a meeting with directors of the state National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) in Camagüey, Pérez said that “some facilities and academies are going to move to new forms of economic management,” that is, non-agricultural cooperatives, self-employed workers or micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MIPYMES).

“The objective of this step is for them to have their financial autonomy and be self-sustaining”said the official.

As published in his facebook wall Félix Anazco Ramos, reporter for the official newspaper of Camagüey Ahead, These “solutions” are part of the new work strategy that INDER intends to implement, in the midst of a crisis accentuated by the flight and resignation of athletes who decide not to continue being part of the state sports system.

Although the note did not offer details about this policy, something unprecedented within sport in Cuba, one of the spheres most controlled by political discourse, the vice president of INDER, Raúl Fornés Valenciano, commented in a similar meeting in Sancti Spíritus that the organization needs to get new income.

“It is clear that, beyond the financial support required by many of the projections conceived, among which appear to identify other sources of financing, it is imposed to accelerate those not conditioned to that reality “, he said, according to the report of the Official site Hit.

The announcement comes after, in the same week that three players will abandon Cuban baseball, The authorities The cultural dimension of this sport will be declared National Heritage.

The players Luis Antonio Pérez Hemmings and Cristian de Jesús López are in the Dominican Republic as prospects for professional leagues, while Camagüey pitcher Yosimar Cousin, one of the players excluded from the selection that intervened in the U-23 Baseball World Cup in Mexico, requested the withdrawal of the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB).

The results of Cuban baseball at the national team level are getting worse and worse. In the recently held U-23 tournament, a record 12 players fled the team in Mexico. Several are already in the US.

And last June, during the Pre-Olympic of the Americas, Cuba was left out of the Olympics for the first time in history, after having been present in all the finals since 1992 and achieving three gold and two silver medals.

Cuba also came out of the top 10 of the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, which confirmed the plummeting of this sport on the Island.